Cloud Servers

Experience our next generation, high-performance and resilient Cloud Servers with no upfront costs or commitments required.

Get started in seconds with fast deployment then scale up as required by taking advantage of the versatile configuration options.

Flexibility of the cloud

Full of possibilities

Cloud Servers come in set plans of three distict variety, General Purpose, High CPU and High Memory. Each of the configuration plans provide the same top of the line performance with emphasis on different requirements.

High and consistent performance

Powered by enterprise-grade CPUs and enhanced by our in-house developed MaxIOPS storage technology. Our Cloud Servers leave the competition in the dust with our General Purpose, High CPU and High Memory plans.

Easy and flexible scaling

Get started quick and easy with the resources you need, then scale up in just a couple of clicks as your business grows. No need to overprovision services, easily change between plans and plan types to scale as required.

Resilient to fault

Multiple redundancies eliminate any single-point-of-failure with capacity to mitigate issues following failure or attack with automated restarts to recover with minimal interruption.

Security taken seriously

Highest level of security upheld by maintaining the latest security updates and strict access control at each of our physical locations. Your cloud services are kept safe and secure.

Rich in features

The power of modern infrastructure

World-class hardware

With the latest enterprise processors from AMD, you will always get best performance no matter the workload, both single and multi-threaded.

Create in seconds

All Cloud Servers are by default deployed with MaxIOPS storage technology, allowing you to create and boot up new Cloud Servers in just 45 seconds.

Next level High Availability

Pair you Cloud Servers together with Managed Load Balancer and anti-affinity to achieve true high availability and fault-tolerance for your server cluster.

Separations of compute and storage

At UpCloud, your computational and storage services are separated on independent backends allowing instant restart on new hardware in the event of hardware failure.

Automation accessible

Manage your entire cloud infrastructure via our fully featured Restful API or one of the many API integreations and tools such as Terraform, Ansible, Go and Python.

Cloning success

Easily setup a new staging environment by cloning one of your Cloud Servers or backups. Better yet, convert it into a template and considerably cut your deployment times.

Complimentary Firewall service

Secure your Cloud Server using the complimentary L3 Firewall service positioned just before the network interface connecting your Cloud Server to the internet.

Daily backups included

Complimentary daily backups with 24h retention period included in every General Purpose, High CPU, and High Memory plan servers.

Metadata on demand

Our Metadata service provides server-specific information to help in automating server configuration after the initial deployment.

Linux and Windows

Use one of the freely available Linux templates, create your own from a backup or upload and boot from your own custom ISO. Alternatively, pick from the latest Windows Server versions.

Unlock streamlined efficiency and enhanced security

Optimize operations and minimize risks effortlessly with UpCloud’s insightful solutions.

Versatile plans, simple pricing

The variety of ways to configure your Cloud Server

General Purpose plans

General Purpose plans offer a cost-efficient balanced set of resources suitable for most use cases.

MemoryCPU coresMaxIOPS storageTransferGlobal PriceHelsinki Price
1 GB125 GBIncluded€7/mo
2 GB150 GBIncluded€13/mo
4 GB280 GBIncluded€26/mo
8 GB4160 GBIncluded€52/mo
16 GB6320 GBIncluded€96/mo
32 GB8640 GBIncluded€192/mo
48 GB12960 GBIncluded€288/mo
64 GB161280 GBIncluded€384/mo
96 GB241920 GBIncluded€576/mo
128 GB322048 GBIncluded€768/mo
192 GB382048 GBIncluded€1024/mo
256 GB482048 GBIncluded€1364/mo
384 GB642048 GBIncluded€1992/mo
512 GB802048 GBIncluded€2552/mo

Building blocks of success

Accessory Managed Services

Managed Databases

Run your databases hassle-free, supported by expert level installation and maintenance. UpCloud Managed Databases take away the burden of maintenance. Delegate the mundane tasks to professionals and spend your time more productively.

Get started in moments, scale up with zero downtime when you are ready to go to production. Clustered with automated failover, monitored day and night, Managed Databases are covered by our signature 100% uptime SLA. Rest assured your databases are always available.


Tools of the trade


How to get started with Terraform

In this guide, we will show you how to install the required software and get started with Terraform on UpCloud.


How to automate Cloud Server provisioning using Ansible

Ansible is an agentless automation tool that makes provisioning Cloud Servers remotely quick and easy. Here’s how to get started!


How to get started with UpCloud Command-Line Interface

UpCloud Command-Line Interface is a text-based, fast and easy, to use command-line tool for accessing and managing your UpCloud resources.

World-class cloud servers

Experience our next generation, high-performance and resilient Cloud Servers without worry or commitment.

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