Blog The benefits of Object Storage for WordPress companies

The benefits of Object Storage for WordPress companies

benefits of object storage

Looking for a storage solution? Object storage could be the answer if you have a lot of static, unstructured data to tackle on the cloud. Thanks to its highly scalable and API-friendly nature, it is perfect for storing videos, photos, audio files, and other types of web content.

Unlike block storage, object storage manages data flat as objects without folders or hierarchies. Each object has its own metadata tag and ID number, making data identification and analysing simple and effective. That is why object storage meets the needs of a wide range of WordPress companies that want to provide a seamless user experience for their customers while enjoying the unbeatable benefits of a resilient, cost-effective storage solution.

Buckle up! In this blog post, we dig into the benefits of object storage for WordPress companies.

Scalability for the win

The main reason for object storage’s popularity might be scalability. And that’s no wonder: with object storage, you can start big or small and always easily increase storage size as your business grows. There is no need to worry about running out of storage space, object storage is perfect for holding great volumes of data with no limit for objects stored.

When utilising location-distributed storage pools, your cloud infrastructure is ready to scale without a worry thanks to fully resilient storage systems. That is a huge advantage for WordPress companies that need to prepare for huge seasonal changes in traffic — eCommerce, for example.

Top performance with object storage

If you already have a block storage solution and wonder about combining that with object storage, you are on the right track! Storing your website’s static assets separately in object storage frees up space on your servers and, as a result, allows you to optimise the site performance. This improves user experience, meaning an increased number of happy customers.

Also, since object storage is free of the hierarchical file system, it is really fast in managing even large amounts of data. No more delays, just improved performance!

Fitted for data analytics

For a WordPress company, object storage could be one of the key components for collecting and analysing data. And when it comes to data analytics, object storage certainly has its perks. Since the objects at the storage carry highly valuable, customisable metadata, that data is particularly suitable for data analytics. It also comes with fewer limitations compared to other storage options, such as block storage. That could be one of the biggest benefits of object storage for an analytics-driven company.

Only pay for what you need

Object Storage is an excellent solution for cost-effective data storage. Thanks to its high scalability, you only pay for what you currently need. You can change your subscription on the go, meaning that the pricing is always matching and up to date. This could save a considerable amount of money for SMEs. For example, UpCloud Object Storage comes in three plans: $5, $10 and $20 per month. Transparent pricing sure is one of the key benefits of object storage.

Secure in transit, safe as a storage

When it comes to security, UpCloud Object Storage is secure by design. Replicas and storage device distribution build resilience, and due to the lack of folder hierarchy, it is quick and easy to retrieve data when needed. Therefore, Object Storage can guarantee your application functions as it should with minimal disruptions.

Object storage lets you store your important data without worry. And when it comes to UpCloud Object Storage, using standard HTTPS encryption in transit with automatically provisioned SSL certificates ensures that your data stays safe and sound.

Easy to manage. And get started with!

If object storage sounds like something your company has been missing, you should check out UpCloud Object Storage. One of the benefits of Object Storage is that you can manage all your data at your easy-to-use UpCloud Control Panel. Or you can make quick work of integrating Object Storage with your existing application thanks to our S3-compatibleness.

Anyway, it is super easy to get started using UpCloud Object Storage for WordPress. Here’s how!


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