Updated on 22.5.2022

How ClauseBase advanced trust and performance of their platform

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ClauseBase is a document automation platform that aims to empower legal experts, HR officials, sales staff and many more. It can help anyone dealing with heavy loads of documents by offering a cutting-edge, flexible automation solution.

The platform allows building documents using automated clauses as intelligent, configurable blocks. This enables a legal expert to draft completely customized documents in a fraction of the time that is traditionally required. The legal expert can then optionally make those documents available to other users (internal users or customers), to create even complex documents by filling in a few easy questions.

It is essential to the company’s quality-conscious target audience — which includes clients ranging from international law firms and legal departments to individual practitioners and HR teams — that these services are provided in a speedy and reliable manner.

Previous challenges

We were previously using a Belgian hosting provider’s managed cloud service. A managed services allowed us to get up-to-speed by focusing on the product, instead of the surrounding infrastructure.

However, since starting the business two years ago, both our company and cloud infrastructure requirements have grown considerably. So much so that our processing power needs are significantly higher than where we started. Moreover, ClauseBase offers separate environments for each language and jurisdiction which require intensive customisation. All of this has become difficult to reconcile on a managed hosting service.

Hosting with UpCloud

We are now set up with UpCloud’s Madrid data centre. The choice was influenced by the outstanding performance of the servers, in particular, the network speed and the high-quality hardware, consisting of AMD EPYC processing units. Moreover, the fact that UpCloud’s Madrid data centre is run completely on renewable energy is important for our carbon footprint.

Furthermore, we are very conscious of data protection legislation (GDPR). It is therefore important to us that the data centre is located in the EU, as it allows us to strictly adhere to our internal policy of exclusively using EU-based companies for client data operations. This minimizes the likelihood of any data protection issues with our EU-based clients. At the same time, the availability of UpCloud data centres around the world, and the low barrier for the creation of new Cloud Servers, back up our objectives of further global growth.

Improvements: flexibility, speed and reliability

We have really enjoyed the flexibility provided by the service. We are now able to do all the setup ourselves without needing to engage the UpCloud team.

The customer support has also proven to be great: the support staff is extremely knowledgeable and available even at unusual times. By way of example: we have been able to get hold of them even at eight o’clock on a Sunday morning. Furthermore, UpCloud’s speed and reliability have really lived up to our expectations, making it a good value for the money.


We are continuously looking to make our services better, faster and more reliable — e.g., by adding language-aware real-time searches.

We are looking forward to working with UpCloud towards our objective to pursue further global growth.

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