How Visuon simplified hosting by consolidating on one provider


Visuon is a startup based in Tampere, Finland. We provide a visual training tool using 360°VR technology. From our research, we have discovered that humans retain information better when it is presented visually and we want to bring this to employers to train staff, teachers to teach students, and organizations to inform their customers.

Content creators are able to design, modify and produce captivating content in a simple, effective and fun way. It can be used on all portable personal devices, no VR headsets needed! Our vision is that with our tool, you can revolutionize the way your audience learns by engaging, educating and inspiring them.

Previous challenges

We needed a simple and reliable infrastructure for our servers. While our software and services running on servers are quite light from the processor load point of view, the servers still needed to be fast and efficient.

Earlier we had servers hosted with multiple different hosting service providers. Consolidating our servers to a single hosting provider has allowed us to focus on using only the dashboard from UpCloud.

Test hosting on UpCloud!

Hosting on UpCloud

We are currently using just the Simple server plans and employing the fast MaxIOPS storage. The server data is also secured with UpCloud’s backup services on a scheduled 7-day retention period. A private network is used between servers for secure, unmetered connections.

We have developed our own load-balancing system using the UpCloud servers to enable high availability. While on the backend our databases are installed on dedicated cloud servers.


We have been using UpCloud’s hosting services from the very beginning of our start-up in 2017. While we previously also used other providers, standardising our systems on a single service has made managing our servers faster and easier saving us time and money. Additionally, while we do not require a lot of storage, their flexible block storage allows us to easily increase capacity when needed.

All in all, reliability has been good. Even in the case of an outage, we have been notified and informed well and quickly. Planned service maintenance is always announced well in advance via emails and the newsletter is a good way to keep customers up to date.

Future plans

At the moment, we are using the data centre in the Netherlands. The internet connection is fast and reliable, and for now, it is good enough for us with no immediate plans to expand.

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