Blog Announcing new lower pricing for data transfer

Announcing new lower pricing for data transfer

data transfer pricing

We at UpCloud love to see our users succeed and want to give you the best opportunities to do so. To further improve your chances, we are drastically reducing our network transfer pricing!

Supporting the growing demand

We are happy to see a continuously growing number of users joining UpCloud which brings an increasing need for cloud services. At the same time, new user-developed services are rising in popularity and increasing the demand for data transfer.

To support the growing demand, we are continually developing our networking infrastructure by building new features and bringing more capacity online. We want to enable our users to realise their vision without unexpected costs due to sudden jumps in data transfer. A surging success of your web application and services needs to a cause for celebration without a worry of a bill to follow. Therefore, we are making sure a sudden increase in traffic won’t break the bank!

New lower data transfer pricing!

In response to a clear demand for better pricing, starting from the 1st of April, data transfer pricing on UpCloud is considerably lower! The transfer pricing of outbound network usage for Flexible cloud servers and the data transfer beyond the quota included within Simple plans, previously priced at $0.056, will now cost just $0.01 per GB!

New transfer pricing is as follows:

  • Public transfer (outbound), per GB    $0.01
  • Public transfer (inbound), per GB       $0.00

Simple plan cloud servers will continue to enjoy the bundled transfer quotas giving 1 TB – 24 TB of free outbound traffic. Additionally, inbound traffic to all cloud servers as well as the SDN private and utility network traffic will remain free of charge.

The new pricing comes into effect at 00:00 UTC on the 1st of April 2020, and while we appreciate the timing, we can assure you it’s for real!

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