Blog Autumn Greetings and New Features!

Autumn Greetings and New Features!

Our service was launched exactly five months ago today. Although the months have flashed by at the speed of light, we have already had time to see our service filling a vacuum in the Finnish IaaS supply and how enthusiastically it has been received in different circles. Nowadays, our clients include private individuals, as well as leading software houses and globally operating public limited companies.

We believe that success is built on mutual trust. This is evident in a multitude of ways – for example, right from the start, we have listened carefully to our customers when it comes to requests regarding technical properties and usability issues, among other things.

New backup service

The new backup service we are currently launching is yet another outstanding example of the power of collaboration. When properties are tailored to the real needs of our customers, improved product development, where we feel it is necessary, will bring added value to both parties involved.

The new backup service is based on snapshots, which can be taken either manually or automatically at desired times on a daily or weekly basis. The system will store the backup copies for up to three years, if necessary, and special attention has been paid to their easy recovery. The backup service costs 0.05/GB/month, and it can be managed via a web-based control panel or an API interface.

Other improvements

In addition to the backup service, we have made other, smaller, improvements. The most noticeable of them is the language support in our control panel, thanks to which our management service is now available in English as well as Finnish. Harder to spot, yet of greater overall significance, are the improvements taking place on the automation level. They have advanced the system’s redundancy and performance in a way which enables us to guarantee an even-quality service in different error and load situations.

If you would like to know more about any of the new features or should you have any other questions, please contact our friendly Customer Service Team who will be happy to assist you. And as always, if you’re interested in our future plans, we are always happy to tell you more about the new features that will be launched in the near future!

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