Updated on 2.5.2024

How Evermade cloudified their company infrastructure

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About Evermade

Evermade is a comprehensive digital partner that helps brand realize their online potential. Evermade specializes in concepting, design, implementation, analytics and digital marketing of world-class online services.  

Founded in 2011, Evermade originated from a passion for creating visually stunning and high-quality digital services. Today, the team comprises over 60 professionals, including developers, designers, and digital marketers, all dedicated to achieving measurable positive impacts on their clients’ businesses.

Previous challenges

At the start, Evermade built its services on a variety of providers from cheap web hotels to complex AWS deployments. As the company grew, it needed to unify the processes and centralise the services on a single provider. Web hotels could not provide the required flexibility and the convoluted services at AWS proved unnecessary.

Therefore, Evermade chose UpCloud. The great customer service, easy-to-use control panel, ability to scale servers, simple backup options, transparent pricing and great server performance were some of the main advantages.

Hosting on UpCloud

Evermade’s main technology platform is WordPress. The company has built hundreds of WordPress websites that are hosted on UpCloud. The majority of the services run on individual hosts that are configured and scaled as needed.

Similarly, Evermade’s development environment is hosted in UpCloud’s data centres. All of Evermade’s development work is done in the cloud – nothing is run on local workstations. Every developer in Evermade’s team has an identical development environment, which helps to avoid issues with common configuration differences. The developers also have access to their teammates’ development setups, which allows them to easily help out each other.t


The cloud-based company infrastructure has provided many benefits. For example, working remotely is a breeze, since the company’s work is not tied to any office location or even a specific computer. With the current network speeds, the latency between developers’ laptops and data centres located in Helsinki is not an issue. 

“Although we are paying for the cloud capacity, it’s nothing compared to the savings we are able to make due to the improved efficiency. UpCloud also gave us the idea to shut off our server environment for the night. This is better for the environment as it conserves energy. It also allows us to save about 20% on server costs”, says Jaakko Alajoki, CTO at Evermade. 

Thanks to the clear pricing and easy-to-use control panel, it is possible to quickly scale servers at any time. And when there’s any need for assistance, UpCloud’s support is ready to help which also has been appreciated by Jaakko Alajoki who says: “Communication in case of a failure is also important to us and UpCloud has always been exemplary in communicating and handling rare incidents.”

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