Posted on 25.7.2019

Introducing Private Cloud: Going beyond traditional cloud infrastructure

Private Cloud

Public cloud has grown in popularity immensely and while suitable for many types of needs, sometimes you just need that little bit of extra, of everything. If you are looking for more customizability, heightened security, better performance, and perfect availability, search no further. For anyone wishing to ascend beyond the public cloud, we are now offering a new, tailor-made solution, Private Cloud!

As we already announced in our sneak peek into the year 2019, we have been busy working on building an entirely new offering with our brand new Private Cloud! We went public with the new product already right at the end of May and have had great interest from across the globe. Here’s more about what you will definitely want to know about our Private Cloud and how you can benefit from the new enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure.

Get Self-Service Private Cloud!

Private cloud with performance to spare

At UpCloud, we pride ourselves as offering the world’s fastest cloud servers and the same will certainly hold true with our Private Cloud. By combining our MaxIOPS technology and state-of-art hardware, you can achieve the blazing performance to beat even that of hosted bare-metal servers. Not only that, but our Private Cloud also retains all the benefits of our Public Cloud infrastructure with incredible flexibility in configuration, deployment times measured in mear seconds, and the separation of the computation and storage backends.

Take advantage of the world’s fastest block storage as a service, connected to your private cloud using the incredible Infiniband. Furthermore, you get the full performance of our enterprise-grade computing capacity without noisy neighbours or worries about disturbing others. Best possible performance available, always, to go full throttle.

Secure by design

Security is of the utmost importance and one of the cornerstones of our Private Cloud. Secure by design, the superior, private cloud gives you fully dedicated hardware in a physically isolated environment. The dedicated hosts run on expert managed cloud infrastructure, separated and secured from the public cloud’s shared security model.

Your reserved computation hardware forms its own private virtual data centre. Connect directly to your data centre or manage your cloud infrastructure securely from your office network. With our Private Cloud, you can claim your own special corner of the internet, built bespoke just for you.

Built for reliability

Servers often focus on system performance, however, even the best performance means nothing without reliability. As such, we’ve developed our entire cloud infrastructure from the ground up on N+1 redundancy. This means that there is always at least one backup to every single mission-critical component across our services. Moreover, fibre and VPN connections are available from multiple providers. Your private cloud resources are likewise guaranteed to be always available and covered by our 100% uptime services level agreement.

Thanks to the high availability, there is no need to invest in spare hardware or capacity yourself, we’ve got it covered. Naturally, you also have the benefit of our instant backups to create one-to-one snapshots of your data storages. As easily restored as backed up, you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your data.

Freedom of scalability

The cloud is an ideal platform scalability and our Private Cloud takes it even a step further. You are always in full control of your infrastructure from deciding how to distribute the CPU, memory, and storage resources to choosing which host everything is deployed onto. Freely create your own cloud server plans and dial in exactly the CPU cores and system memory you need when and where you need it.

On top of the system flexibility, take advantage of the infinitely configurable networking options and build upon our already secure private network. Our highly redundant and extensive core network even accommodates to using IP blocks of your own assignment. Bring your own IP addresses and create a dedicated cloud subnet for your own private use. In addition, you can connect any resources hosted in the public cloud or on-premises seamlessly over redundancy ensured fibre connection.


In Private Cloud, you get all the benefits of our cloud infrastructure along with a bunch of added bonuses. Easily and quickly deploy private cloud servers using the UpCloud control panel, API, and all the infrastructure management tools you are already familiar with from our public cloud.

Better yet, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with a hybrid public-to-private solution and build your infrastructure just as you want! Our advanced cloud infrastructure allows anyone to build extraordinary networking solutions, highly stable and high-performance hosts, and anything beyond to exactly suit their needs.

There is also no need to get locked into a single provider. Connect your Private Cloud directly with any existing cloud infrastructure to build your perfect multi-cloud environment.

If the proposition of a private cloud sounds interesting, get in touch to learn more. Claim your own private corner of the cloud built just for you, no heavy lifting required!

Janne Ruostemaa


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