Block Storage

All of our Cloud Servers come with MaxIOPS Block Storage as standard. MaxIOPS is our in-house developed block storage technology that gives you industry-leading performance and reliability. Get in touch and get started with UpCloud!

More than just data storage

Foundations for success

Block Storage offers fast, efficient, and reliable data system optimised for minimal latency and is the default for all Cloud Servers. At UpCloud, Block Storage comes in two flavours, our in-house developed, high-speed MaxIOPS and the capacity focused HDD.


Highly available – We developed our storage solutions to not only be highly performant but also highly reliable. Performance means nothing without reliability!


Incredibly flexible – Add the exact amount of storage space you need, up to 4 TB per volume — you can always resize block storage later!


Easy to transfer between cloud servers – With just a few clicks in the control panel or via the many tools supported by the UpCloud API, you can quickly move block storage devices between Cloud Servers.

Compute and storage separation

Our Block storage runs on a dedicated backend separately from the computational hosts. This way your Cloud Servers can be automatically restarted on another host should the compute backend experience failure.

Supercomputer standards

We utilize InfiniBand networking for maximum throughput and minimum latency between compute and storage systems. It is the most commonly used interconnecting network in supercomputers.

Backups and cloning

Snapshots & scheduled backups – Instantly create or schedule periodic backups with Simple Backup. Using true snapshots, backups are created in a blink of an eye and can be restored almost as quickly.

MaxIOPS Storage

Our signature, high-performance Block Storage that will power up your application and web servers to new heights.

Unique storage technology

MaxIOPS is our in-house developed storage technology that enables read performance of over 100k IOPS at 4k block size. MaxIOPS provides the same performance level regardless of storage device size or plan pricing.

Industry-leading performance

The MaxIOPS block storage technology, built on enterprise-grade SSDs, provide up to 2x higher performance compared to industry-standard cloud servers. And not just on paper, you will notice the difference immediately.

Included with Simple plans

All Cloud Servers are deployed on enterprise-grade hardware using MaxIOPS by default. Together with MaxIOPS and our cloud optimised Linux OS templates, you can create Cloud Servers in seconds!

HDD Storage

Reliable and cost-efficient Block Storage for the larger data capacity requirements where speed is not the priority.


Our HDD block storage is a great option for storing large volumes of data. Keeping your data conveniently accessible directly to the file system of your Cloud Server helps retain low latency at low cost.

Storage on tap

All Cloud Servers enjoy our high-performance MaxIOPS by default. But if you need more storage space, it’s quick and easy to add up to 15 additional HDD block storage devices without breaking the bank.

Consistent performance

While MaxIOPS offers unrivalled performance, HDD focuses on capacity at cost. However, that doesn’t mean our HDD block storage is slow. It is still easily capable of keeping up with anything you might need.

Flexibility of options

Both Block storage solutions, MaxIOPS and HDD, offer their own benefits and ideal use cases.

Use caseHigh-performance web servers and applicationsHigh-capacity data storage
Capacity10 GB – 4 TB10 GB – 4 TB
Performance (4K block size)Read 100k IOPS
Write 30k IOPS
Read 600 IOPS
Write 600 IOPS

Cloud Servers can have up to 16 attached Block Storage devices, either MaxIOPS, HDD or mixture of both.


Guides and documentation

Quick start

Managing storage devices

You can attach a disk to another server, create templates from a disk, delete a disk without deleting the server.

Quick start

Adding and removing storage devices

Whether you are looking to increase data storage or make other changes to the disk configurations, this guide will help you to perform the required operations on Linux and Windows hosts.


Increasing storage size

Increasing storage size is quick and easy to do on existing devices, and can even be done while the device is attached to a server.

The future of cloud – today!

Build your business on solid foundations with UpCloud’s Block Storage.

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