Private Cloud

A superior Private Cloud that puts you on dedicated hardware in a physically isolated environment.

Enjoy the flexibility and high performance of our public cloud with our industry-leading 100% uptime SLA while free of noisy neighbours.

First class seat to the cloud

Exclusivity ensured

Security, performance and flexibility, supported by white glove service. Private Cloud offers a modern infrastructure with privacy guaranteed.

Secure by design

More secure than public cloud by design. Dedicated hosts on a Private Cloud offer isolated and managed cloud infrastructure, without public cloud’s shared security model.

Secure your private corner of the cloud. You decide how the resources are allocated between compute hosts.

Consistent performance

Use all the CPU power on your dedicated AMD EPYC powered compute hosts. Benefit from the combination of dedicated CPUs and our in-house developed MaxIOPS block storage.

Always the same award winning performance. No noisy neighbors, guaranteed. Absolutely no surprises included, just stable day-to-day, year-to-year operations.

Hybrid cloud

Enjoy the best of both worlds by combining the flexibility of public and the exclusivity of private clouds. Deploy your most critical resources on Private Cloud and enjoy the limitless scalability of the Public cloud for any fluctuating capacity needs.

Global private networking between public and private zones works out of the box and is included in all Private Cloud setups.

2-month free migration period

Don’t worry about the extra costs of migrating from a different cloud provider. During a 2-month free migration period, we will charge you no service costs.

The offer is available to all new customers whose infrastructure costs on UpCloud will exceed €500 per month.

Building on solid foundations

Find success in rich features and supporting technologies

Hardware isolation

On UpCloud’s Private Cloud, compute hosts are always dedicated for a single customer. Hardware level isolation offers added security from other customers.

Build your own cloud plans

Distribute your CPU and memory resources as you wish. Create your own plans for any CPU hungry services. Have as many cloud servers as you like. Distribute vCPUs across compute hosts as you wish.

Networking, reimagined

Use any of UpCloud’s public networking, dedicated networks or bring your own networks. Redundant VPN and fiber services can be attached to any Private Cloud deployment.

Connectivity options

Manage private networks for additional network level isolation. Seamlessly connect to public cloud resources. Connect to any on-premises or hosted data centers using VPN or fiber. Bring your own IP networks for enhanced customization.

Virtual data center, no heavy lifting required

Build your infrastructure on UpCloud private and public clouds without a hassle. No obligatory long term commitments and no need to invest in owning, installing and servicing your own hardware.

Global availability

Private Cloud is available in all UpCloud data centres worldwide. Use a multi-region setup for additional geographical redundancy across continents.

Hybrid cloud

Enjoy the best of both worlds by combining the flexibility of public and the exclusivity of private clouds. Deploy your most critical resources on Private Cloud and enjoy the limitless scalability of the public cloud for any fluctuating capacity needs.

100% uptime SLA

No need to invest in spare hardware or capacity. Your Private Cloud resources are always available and covered by UpCloud’s 100% uptime SLA.

Pricing simplified

Private Cloud resources

Exclusive cloud computation

Choose your host plan and deploy as many Cloud Servers as you like within the memory amount.

CPU cores can be freely allocated as you see fit, including oversubscribing.

1900 GB60€2798/mo
21800 GB120€5271/mo
43600 GB240€9752/mo
65400 GB360€13 531/mo
87200 GB480€16 688/mo

Managing cloud infrastructure

Tools of the trade

UpCloud Terraform Provider

Terraform is a popular open-source infrastructure-as-code software tool created by HashiCorp. It allows users to define infrastructure as code using a simple, human-readable language to safely and predictably manage cloud infrastructure by codifying APIs into declarative configuration files.

UpCloud Ansible Collection

Ansible is a popular configuration management tool for provisioning anything from individual cloud servers to entire cloud infrastructures. It executes the requested operation by following user-defined playbooks, lists of customisable actions written in YAML, on specified cloud servers. Using Ansible, you can automate all bootstrapping operations, like installing and updating software, creating and removing users, […]

UpCloud Packer Builder

Packer is an easy-to-use automation solution for creating any type of machine images. It embraces modern configuration management by allowing automated software installation and setup within Packer-built images. UpCloud Packer builder integrates Packer with our Cloud Servers and makes creating private templates fast! Packer plugin UpCloud Packer builder is a plugin for Packer to simplify template […]

Privacy first, ask questions later

Claim your own private corner of the Internet by deploying onto our Private Cloud!

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