Managed Kubernetes

UpCloud’s Managed Kubernetes, fully serviced container orchestration system. It easily automates the deployment, scaling and management of container workloads.

UpCloud’s Managed Kubernetes is a part of CNCF’s Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program.

Fast, flexible, fully-managed

Benefits for your business

Fully managed high performance

Maintaining a hands-on approach to your Data plane without the headache of running a Kubernetes Control plane.

Flexible and efficient

Reduce costs by optimising your data usage, while maintaining effortless peak performance.

Resilient by design

Never worry again about losing out on revenue because of service outages.

Faster time to market

UpCloud’s Managed Kubernetes service is the fastest container orchestration platform currently on the market.

Mastering Kubernetes

Streamlined container orchestration


Keep your privately networked clusters safe, without worrying about security breaches.


Managed Kubernetes offers built-in support for exposing TCP and HTTP(S) services through UpCloud Managed Load Balancer.


No matter if you’re running a small project or a global enterprise, Managed Kubernetes can scale to meet your needs.


Use your choice of tooling with seamless integration into the UpCloud ecosystem.

Container Storage Interface

Easily expose arbitrary block and file storage systems to containerized workloads using the Container Storage Interface (CSI).

Certified Kubernetes Software Conformance

Managed Kubernetes conforms to the standards set by CNCF, enabling you to easily and with confidence to start building on our Kubernetes platform and UpCloud as a provider.

Dive into the future of scalable cloud infrastructure

Unleash the power of Kubernetes and cloud-native applications with UpCloud and Montel’s game-changing partnership.

Solution for many use cases

The flexibility of Kubernetes

Cloud-native Application development and delivery

Manage your deployments, not Virtual Machines (VMs). Ensure peace of mind with self-healing, horizontal scaling. All components & deployments – such as Helm Charts – are readily available from the community.

Dynamic workloads

Choose between demand or time-based scaling of your environments. Be more efficient with optimised resource usage. Usage examples: e-commerce, gaming, CI/CD.

Machine learning

Run your entire machine-learning workflow in one place by deploying machine-learning models on the cloud. UpCloud’s Managed Kubernetes enables the running of machine-learning workflows in the cloud, improving flexibility and efficiency. Choose the machine learning platform that best suits your needs (such as Kubeflow), with seamless integration into the UpCloud ecosystem.

Pricing simplified

From Development to Production with ease

Managed Kubernetes Control plane is priced according to the plan, Development or Production, which you can choose at cluster deployment.

Data plane is charged by the worked node according to the selected configuration. Worker nodes can be deployed using any General Purpose, High CPU or High Memory Cloud Server plans.

Development plan


per month

Development plan offers a great starting point
for any containerized application

  • One Control plane node
  • Up to 50 Worker nodes

Production plan


per month

Production plan expands the capabilities of a regular cluster
with high availability and a larger data plane.

  • High-availability Control plane
  • Up to 200 worker nodes

Frequently asked questions

Got questions or looking for more information? Check the fequently asked questions here or head over to our documentation pages for more.

Higher performance, premium cloud service

Guranteed superb service with 100% uptime SLA and 24/7 live in-house support.

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