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UpCloud is a global, innovative and forward-thinking company with diverse teams in multiple locations around the globe.

We believe that only the most talented and motivated people can bring flawless service and superior products that outperform our competition. That is why we have built a culture of trust, creativity, and support, where no one is left behind.

Everything we do, we try to enjoy to the full. We give our people time and resources to develop themselves, innovate, and most importantly, to have fun together!

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UpCloud CEO

We want to create an environment where people can thrive, go after their ambitions and find a place where they can grow.

Antti Vilpponen UpCloud CEO

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Career stories

Timothy Ho: At UpCloud, we inject fun into everything we do

Timothy has been a part of UpCloud’s Singapore office for almost two years. As a Technical Support Specialist, he helps our users globally with various technical issues and questions related to our infrastructure. When you joined UpCloud, did you have any previous experience with cloud computing? In my previous company, I worked as a support […]


Nathaniel Ham: Solving problems for customers with Managed Kubernetes

Before you invest time and resources into building a new product, you have to know that it will meet the needs of your customers. When UpCloud’s Orchestration Team set out to build UpCloud’s Managed Kubernetes (UKS) platform, how did they know what customers needed? And how did they turn that knowledge into the final product?  […]


Filipe Berti: Working and living abroad – from Brazil to Finland

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work abroad? Alongside providing flexible opportunities for remote work, UpCloud also supports employees with relocation. Read our colleague Filipe’s story of moving from Brazil to Finland.  In 2021, a friend sent Filipe a job posting – UpCloud was looking for an Agile Team Coach to […]


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