Simple Backup

Safeguard your business-critical data quickly and easily with Simple Backup. Configurable with a single click, you get automatic daily snapshots retainable for a week, month, or even a full year.

Securing data one backup at the time

Effortless data safety

Easy to use

Enable and forget, you’ll then have it when you need it! No need to configure backup schedules or retention periods, just pick the longest backup duration you are likely to need and we’ll do the rest. When enabled, the backups are made as scheduled on the background without the need for user actions.

Perfect companion

Simple Backups are the easy way to backup your Simple plan cloud servers. Simple Backup applies to all the server’s storages. Simple Backup saves a snapshot of the state of your cloud server. Flexible backups are available for more fine-tuned backup configurations.

Advanced technology

Back up everything in one go. Our backup technology creates a full snapshot of your storage device without interruption or slowdown to the running cloud server.

Simple yet flexible

Secure backup scheduling made easy

Unbelievably fast

Optimised for quick snapshots to ensure zero interruptions or slowdowns to your cloud server even at the busiest times.

Full snapshot backups

Select the backup schedule according to your needs and not just the system storage, but all storages.

Quickly accessible

Your most recent backups are kept at hand for near-instantaneous recovery even from the worst-case scenario.

Stored for the long term

A redundancy-ensured dedicated backup storage system keeps your data safe and secure. Never worry about storage solutions again.

Restore in a swift

Bring back an entire cloud server system state from one of your many backups. The full one year schedule comes with a total of 23 concurrently available backups. You will always have a backup of the data you are looking for up to a year from any changes to the data.

Clone to new storage device

Need access to a single file or folder and don’t want to revert the whole system for it? Clone any backup to a new storage device and attach to an existing cloud server.

Simple backups, simple pricing

Select your Cloud Server plan

Week plan

+20% of Simple plan price per month


Server monthly total $6

  • Daily backups for 7 days

Month plan

+40% of Simple plan price per month


Server monthly total $7

  • Weekly backups for 4 weeks
  • Daily backups for 7 days

Year plan

+60% of Simple plan price per month


Server monthly total $8

  • Monthly backups for 12 months
  • Weekly backups for 4 weeks
  • Daily backups for 7 days


Guides and documentation


Taking backups

Our control panel offers two methods of taking backups of your cloud servers – instant, On Demand Backups, and automated, Scheduled Backups. Here’s how to use them.


Restoring backups

UpCloud provides several ways to restore data from your disk backups. This guide shows you how to bring back your data.


How to manage Simple Backups using Terraform

Terraform offers a great way to build cloud infrastructure with everything including Cloud Servers and of course Simple Backups.

Do you have a backup schedule in place?

Safeguard your data by enabling Simple Backups today!

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