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Linode vs. UpCloud

UpCloud is a leading cloud service provider in Europe.

We ensure GDPR compliance, guaranteeing the utmost security for your data. Our services require no upfront costs or long-term commitment. Compare UpCloud with Linode and find out why we are your match!

Why choose UpCloud

UpCloud vs. Linode

Let’s get straight to the point: picking a cloud provider is a big deal for your business. You need the facts, clear and simple.

Developer focused
Advanced developer tooling
European company
24/7 live support chat
Support response time< 2 min< 24 hours
ISO 27001 Certification
Service Level Agreement (SLA)100%99.99%
Private Cloud solutions
Linux- and Windows servers

Why are others making the switch?

Support at your fingertips

Enjoy unparalleled customer support with no bots involved. Our team is ready to assist you within minutes 24/7/365. Our 96% customer satisfaction score sets us apart and ensures a superior experience.

Scalability and easy cost controls

With UpCloud, you are in complete control of your performance and costs. CPU, RAM or storage can be added with a single click at UpCloud Control Panel. Our flexible hosting is billed by the hour meaning you only pay for the hours you use.

Reliable high-availability

We have eliminated risks by building UpCloud with an N+1 philosophy throughout our entire infrastructure. Nevertheless, should something go wrong, you are protected by our 100% uptime SLA.

xensam logo

Gustav Fösker, Co-founder and CTO, Xensam:

“Evaluation of different providers, incorporating assessments of cost-effectiveness, compliance with GDPR, and performance benchmarks within the EU sector, concluded that UpCloud excelled in all these areas. After the migration, we noticed significant enhancements in system performance and a reduction in operational costs.”

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Paul Nylund, Director, Infra & Cloud Services, Anders:

“Consolidating almost everything hosting related to UpCloud has been a huge relief for our system administrators. We can keep the management side as light as possible and leave the hardware maintenance to experts.”

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Jaakko Alajoki, CTO, Evermade:

“Although we are paying for the cloud capacity, it’s nothing compared to the savings we are able to make due to the improved efficiency. UpCloud also gave us the idea to shut off our server environment for the night. This is better for the environment as it conserves energy. It also allows us to save about 20% on server costs.”

World-class cloud servers

Experience our next generation, high-performance and resilient Cloud Servers without worry or commitment.

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