Azure vs. UpCloud

UpCloud is the #1 performance leader in cloud hosting in Europe.

We ensure GDPR compliance, guaranteeing the utmost security of your data. Our services require no upfront payments or long-term agreements. Compare UpCloud to Azure and discover the best cloud solution for you!


Why choose UpCloud

UpCloud vs. Azure

Not sure what the most suitable solution for your business needs is? We did the work for you!

Easy-to-use platform
Live support chat included
24/7 support available
Certifications needed for proficiency012
Avg. support response time< 2 min< 8 hours
ISO 27001 Certification
2 Core / 8GB RAM cloud server€40 /mo$62 /mo
2 Core / 8GB RAM cloud server with Windows license€60 /mo$69.8 /mo
Managed Databases, starting at€30 /mo$148.19 /mo
Egress data transfer 1TB€0 /TB$80 /TB
Predictable costs
European DC locations811

Why are others making the switch?

Don't pay more for less

Companies searching to increase their performance without compromising pricing find UpCloud as their match. A predictable and transparent price plan means no more surprise costs at the end of the month.

Scalability and easy cost controls

With UpCloud, you are in complete control of your performance and costs. CPU, RAM or storage can be added with a single click at UpCloud Control Panel. Our flexible hosting is billed by the hour meaning you only pay for the hours you use.

Reliable high-availability

We have eliminated risks by building UpCloud with an N+1 philosophy throughout our entire infrastructure. Nevertheless, should something go wrong, you are protected by our 100% uptime SLA.

ispeed logo

William Fock, Managing Director, iSpeed Solutions

“Initially, we used Azure which was more complicated when trying to implement security features or other services. UpCloud has a chat service on their customer portal, so if we have any issues, we can immediately message them and begin troubleshooting straight away.”

axitare logo

Jukka Penttinen, CEO and Founder, Axitare

“UpCloud was able to offer us GDPR compliant Cloud Services to meet customer requirements to grow our business even further. The cooperation has been great so far, and we are looking forward to the future possibilities we can create together.”

Fraktio logo

Juha Rajamäki, Senior Business Analyst, Fraktio

“Compared to our previous provider, there is a clear difference in server performance and usability. We are glad to be able to perform even complex operations much faster by ourselves right in the Control Panel.”

World-class cloud servers

Experience our next generation, high-performance and resilient Cloud Servers without worry or commitment.

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