Software Defined Networking

Get more control, elasticity, and security for your cloud infrastructure. Utilising software-defined networking, you can create and configure new flexible private networks to shape your cloud connectivity.

Modern networking for modern needs

Connecting future

Software-defined networking, or SDN for short, is a technological approach to network management that enables dynamic, programmatically created network configurations.

Improved network performance

SDN features focus on providing improved network performance and capabilities while decoupling the network configuration from the physical infrastructure much like cloud computing has done for traditional hosting.

High Availability

Our SDN features are available globally in all of our data centres that are all built around N+1 redundancy principle. This means every service critical system has at least 1 redundant backup that’ll take over automatically in case of failure.

Connect UpCloud networks to VPNs

Join your private networks with any internet connected networks securely over a VPN. Freely configure any connected Cloud Server to act as a VPN endpoint for your private network.

Unlimited production-grade private networks

Using SDN, you are able to build multiple production-grade private networks between your Cloud Servers with more granular control. Create as many networks as needed and attach it to only the servers required.

Isolate network environments utilising firewalls

You can separate individual private networks by creating isolated environments within zones and only allowing traffic through a Cloud Server acting as a firewall and router.

Define own private IP addressing schemes

Use your own private IP address ranges allowing easy integration with existing applications. These IPs can be distributed automatically by using DHCP or manually by attaching static IPs for the Cloud Servers.

SDN enabled products

Networking made easy

Customisable private networking

SDN Private Networks offer unrestricted and secure private networking customisable by you. Create isolated environments within zones or allow traffic through a single firewalled router server.

Define custom local networks with the IP ranges of your choosing and attaching the static IPs manually or automatically using DHCP. Connect an unlimited number of cloud servers to any private network for no additional cost.

The predictable prices remain the same regardless of the number of connected cloud servers or the amount of transferred traffic

Custom backbone network

In our pursuit to offer the best experience to our users, we decided to go above and beyond by elevating a crusial part of our services, networking.

To that end, we have built our own backbone network that brings dramatically better connectivity in terms of lower latency and higher throughput than otherwise possible.

On UpCloud, you’ll enjoy direct connectivity between the data centres, as well as better local peering and redundancy through our participation in many Internet Exchanges.

SDN Pricing

Powerful tools at sensible cost

The flexible SDN Private Networks are simply priced per network. Connect an unlimited number of Cloud Servers to any private network with no additional cost.

Easily predictable prices regardless of:

  • How many cloud servers are connected
  • How much traffic is transferred

SDN Private Networks are deployed per zone and networks in different data centres are billed separately.

Floating IPs while a league above the regular public IPs are still priced the same. Create as many floating IPs as you need and retain the same floating IP address even while not attached to any Cloud Server.

IP addressesPrice
Floating IP address€3.15/mo
Additional public IPv4 address€3.15/mo
Private IPv4 address€0.00
Public IPv6 address€0.00
Networking and securityPrice
SDN Private Network€0.00
SDN Router€0.00
Network TransferPrice
Public outbound transfer, per GiB€0.00
Public inbound transfer, per GiB€0.00
Private outbound transfer, per GiB€0.00
Private inbound transfer, per GiB€0.00


Guides and tutorials


Attaching new IP addresses

After attaching a new IP address, there are some operations that must be done at the operating system level in order for your server to become aware of the changes.


How to manage floating IP addresses

Floating IP is a static public or private IPv4 address that can be attached to your cloud server.


How to configure SDN Private networks

Private networks offer unrestricted secure networking customisable by you.

Modern networking for modern requirements

Build scalability and reliablity utilising the features offered by our Software-Defined Networking!

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