Network Transfer Pool

Network Transfer Pool combines all transfer quotas included in all of your UpCloud products and services into a single account-wide transfer pool, free of charge!

Benefits of pooling quotas

One quota for everything

Network Transfer Pool works with all of our current and future public cloud services including Cloud Servers and Object Storage. Every service with an included transfer quota contributes to the total transfer pool.

Available across all data centres

Transfer quotas contributed by services in one data centre can be used in all Cloud Servers and Object Storages in any data centre. Distributing services has never been easier!

Save on networking costs

Never again pay for excess charges while part of your quota sits unused. Network Transfer Pool allows your transfer heavy Cloud Servers or Object Storage utilise quotas afforded by other resources that are less active in network usage. Make full use of your transfer quotas regardless of your use case.

Easy to track

Total network transfer is simple to track using the UpCloud Control Panel or via the UpCloud API. Easily stay on top of your network usage preventing unexpected excess costs.

Flexible to use

No hourly rate limits, no sudden excess charges. Make use of your full transfer pool at any time and add to the pool with every new deployment. All accumulated quota is also retained even if the resource is deleted.

Immediately usable

No need to wait for the transfer pool to accumulate. Full combined transfer pool is usable straight from the deployment while the monthly quota is calculated in the background.

How it works

It just does!

Single total quota

All transfer quotas included with your public cloud services, such as Simple plan Cloud Servers and Object Storage, in all data centres are combined in the account-wide transfer pool.

No hourly limits

You can use all of your UpCloud services exactly as you please, including network transfer, with no hourly limits or throttling. Find out more at our documentation.

No quota abandoned

If a resource instance exists for less than a full calendar month, it will contribute proportionally according to the number of hours it existed. All accumulated quota is usable throughout that month even if the contributing services are deleted.


Network Transfer Pool operates on the account level and combines all transfer quotas including services deployed by any subaccounts. All subaccount users are also able to benefit from the total quota.


All existing public cloud services contribute to the Network Transfer Pool regardless of whether they are running or shut down. Every service which includes transfer quota in the plan contributed for the duration of their lifetime.

Monthly billing

At the turn of the calendar month, the total earned quota from all resources is counted towards your total outbound transfer usage. Any outbound network transfer exceeding the combined Network Transfer Pool is then billed at €0.01 per GB and the pool reset.

Distribute your applications worldwide

Available globally

Network Transfer Pool usage

UpCloud productsAccumulates quotaUtilises the pool
General Purpose planYes, according to plan quotaYes
High CPU planYes, according to plan quotaYes
High Memory planYes, according to plan quotaYes
Flexible planNoYes
Private CloudNo No
Object StorageYes, according to plan quotaYes
Managed DatabasesNoNo
Managed Load BalancerNoYes
NAT GatewayNoYes

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