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ESG and Cloud: The benefits of adopting cloud technology to elevate ESG efforts

Over the last few years, businesses have stepped up their commitment to dealing with environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. With investors, regulators, governments, customers, and employees increasingly evaluating companies on ESG criteria, many businesses are struggling to balance revenue generation with delivering on these commitments.  Leading organisations have committed to Net Zero targets by 2030 and […]

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Lauri Ikonen, Former Head of Google’s Finnish Data Center, Appointed to Lead UpCloud’s Strategy and Operations

UpCloud has appointed Lauri Ikonen as the company’s Chief Strategy and Operating Officer. Ikonen, who took the position on August 1st, has more than 15 years of leadership experience in service and project businesses at Google and ABB, among others. Ikonen will focus on UpCloud’s growth and scaling the company’s operations.  “I have kept an […]



Operating in the EU? – Why a European-based cloud platform is the right choice.

In today’s interconnected and online world, cloud computing has become the backbone of modern businesses – offering scalable and efficient solutions for storage, processing and collaboration. However, for European businesses and any business operating within the European market, the choice of cloud platform goes beyond mere functionality.  2018 saw the introduction of General Data Protection […]

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