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Reliable infrastructure for your startup or SME

Example from €470 / month

Host your critical business applications on reliable, 100% SLA Cloud Servers with the high performance of our own MaxIOPS technology. We provide you with 24/7/365 direct access to our technical experts via email and chat.


  • 5 application servers with 4 CPU cores and 8 GB memory each
  • 2 node Managed Database cluster, 100GB storage for easy and fast database usage
  • Week plan backups for Cloud Servers with backups done daily and kept for 7 days

Highly available development and production environment

Example from €2740 / month

We provide you with the best tools to manage the critical parts of your business. Create your own cloud environment using Terraform and Ansible, and use our SDN capabilities to create your own private networks.


  • 10 production and 5 development servers, 6 CPU cores and 16 GB of memory each
  • 3 node Managed Database production cluster with 500 GB storage and a 100 GB development database
  • Month plan Simple Backups for all servers, stored for up to 30 days

Global infrastructure in Private Cloud

Example from €11000 / month

Orchestrate your infrastructure with a hybrid of Private and Public Clouds managed with the same Control Panel and API.  Our 24/7/365 technical support experts will answer in minutes, and you will also receive a dedicated contact person at UpCloud.


  • 6 dedicated Private Cloud hosts across UpCloud’s European, American and Asia-Pacific data centres
  • Over 100 Cloud Servers, a total of 360 CPU cores and 2700 GB of memory, fully controlled by you
  • Private networking between data centres, via UpCloud’s global backbone network

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Cloud Servers

Available Plans

General Purpose

General Purpose plans come with a balanced and cost-efficient set of resources suitable for most use cases.

MemoryCPU coresMaxIOPS storageTransferGlobal Price *Helsinki Price *
1 GB125 GB1 TB€7/mo
2 GB150 GB2 TB€13/mo
4 GB280 GB4 TB€26/mo
8 GB4160 GB5 TB€52/mo
16 GB6320 GB6 TB€96/mo
32 GB8640 GB7 TB€192/mo
48 GB12960 GB9 TB€288/mo
64 GB161280 GB10 TB€384/mo
96 GB241920 GB12 TB€576/mo
128 GB322048 GB24 TB€768/mo
192 GB382048 GB24 TB€1024/mo
256 GB482048 GB24 TB€1364/mo
384 GB642048 GB24 TB€1992/mo

Additional services

Features and services specific to Cloud Servers.

Private Cloud

Exclusive cloud infrastructure

High Memory Private Cloud

Private Cloud provides an exclusive corner of the internet without noisy neighbours configurable straight from your UpCloud Control Panel.

Deploy as many Cloud Servers as you like within the memory amount. CPU cores can be freely allocated as you see fit, including oversubscribing.

1900 GB60€2798/mo
21800 GB120€5271/mo
43600 GB240€9752/mo
65400 GB360€13 531/mo
87200 GB480€16 688/mo

Managed Databases

Relational databases

MySQL & PostgreSQL

Managed Databases for MySQL & PostgreSQL offer maintenance-free database hosting supported by expert level installation and zero downtime scaling.

MemoryCoresStoragePITR backup days*Price**
2 GB125 GB1€30/mo
4 GB250 GB1€60/mo
4 GB2100 GB1€75/mo

In-memory databases


Managed Databases for Redis provide open source, in-memory, key-value data store supporting millions of requests per second for real-time applications.

MemoryCoresBackup days*Price**
2 GB12€50/mo
4 GB22€90/mo
8 GB22€110/mo
14 GB22€160/mo
28 GB42€300/mo
56 GB82€580/mo
112 GB162€1160/mo

Search and analytics


OpenSearch is an open-source distributed search and analytics suite that offers a vendor-agnostic toolset for website search functionality.

Single node databases are suitable for test and development environments with high performance needs.

NodesMemoryCoresBackup daysStoragePrice *
14 GB2180€100/mo
18 GB21160€150/mo

Managed Kubernetes

Managed Kubernetes

Managed Kubernetes offers a fully serviced container orchestration system that allows easy deployment, scaling and management of containerised applications.

PlanControl plane nodesData plane nodesPrice *
Development1Up to 50€30/mo
Production3Up to 200€60/mo

Do you require more capacity? Bigger plans are also available.

Block Storage

Block Storage

When you need more space, just scale up your existing storage or attach a new one.

Cut back on configuration time by creating custom images of your Cloud Servers.

Storage typeGlobal Price *Helsinki Price *
Custom image€0.22/mo

Object Storage

Object Storage

Object Storage provides mass storage at minimal cost for handling large data sets with easy upscaling.

SizeTransferPrice *
250 GB500 GB€5/mo
500 GB1 TB€10/mo
1 TB2 TB€20/mo

Simple Backups

Simple Backups

Simple Backups are the perfect companion to all Cloud Server plans while On-demand backups offer custom configuration per storage device.

Backup typeGlobal Price*Helsinki Price*
Day plan, daily backup for 24hComplimentaryComplimentary
– Additional storage, per GB€0.019/mo
Week plan, daily backups for 7 days+20% of the server plan price+20% of the server plan price
– Additional storage, per GB€0.05/mo
Month plan, weekly backups for 4 weeks + daily+40% of the server plan price+40% of the server plan price
– Additional storage, per GB€0.10/mo
Year plan, monthly backups + weekly and daily+60% of the server plan price+60% of the server plan price
– Additional storage, per GB€0.15/mo
Flexible and on-demand backups, per GB€0.056/mo

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Managed Load Balancer

Managed Load Balancer

Managed Load Balancer empowers anyone to quickly build resilience and increase the capabilities of their application by employing load balancing.

PlanNodesSessions per nodePrice *
Production250 000€30/mo



SDN Private Networks, additional IPv4 and IPv6 as well as Floating IPs allow you to customise your cloud networking.

IP addressesPrice*
Floating IP address€3.15/mo
Additional public IPv4 address€3.15/mo
Private IPv4 address€0.00
Public IPv6 address€0.00
Networking and securityPrice
SDN Private Network€0.00
SDN Router€0.00
NAT Gateway€25/mo
Transfer exceeding Network Transfer PoolPrice
Public outbound transfer, per GiB€0.01
Public inbound transfer, per GiB€0.00
Private outbound transfer, per GiB€0.00
Private inbound transfer, per GiB€0.00

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