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Data Centres

Keep your business running on the best possible infrastructure! Our data centres provide extraordinary reliability and highest security standards that will keep your business-critical data safe and sound.

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World-class cloud infrastructure

All UpCloud data centres are directly connected to the Internet via transit operators and Internet exchange points (IXPs). Additionally, we use a dedicated backbone network for connectivity between data centres and carriers.

We’re implementing the AMD EPYC processors to all our new data centres and continuously upgrading our existing locations’ hardware. The majority of our data centres are running on renewable energy and are ready to help you grow in a sustainable and future-proof way.

What to expect from our data centres

Modern technology in modern facilities

2N or N+1 configurations for all critical systems

We require all power, cooling and connectivity systems to either have a stand-in replacement or redundant capacity in case of breakdowns. This enables the necessary maintenance and handling of unexpected issues without interfering with the infrastructure’s operation.

Physical and electronic access control with CCTV monitoring

Our operators control all access to the data centres. There are physically isolated sections in the facilities, with electronic access controls. Additionally, the whole site is under recorded video surveillance.

Onsite 24/7 monitoring of all systems

We have built our infrastructure with a serious attitude towards high availability to achieve a disruption-free operation. Our internal Operations team monitors the cloud environment around the clock, working together with the onsite operators.

Renewable energy usage

Sustainable work is crucial for UpCloud, and we want to offer the same to our customers. Data centre operation consumes a lot of power. Therefore, we use energy from renewable sources wherever possible.

Discover how we guarantee data privacy and protection

Ensure GDPR compliance for your customers seamlessly with the combined expertise of Elastisys and UpCloud.

World-wide access to low latency services

Global coverage

Data centre details

Deploy globally quick and easy

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you design and deploy your cloud infrastructure!

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