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Kubernetes for GDPR-compliant security

Across Europe, public sector organisations and regulated industries, such as healthcare and finance, need to keep data protection squarely at the forefront of their minds. Customers are becoming increasingly conscious of where their data is stored and how it’s used. To meet their expectations, businesses must keep data secure and compliant with EU-wide data protection laws.

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Making cryptocurrency staking performance ten times better

The growing popularity of cryptocurrency has seen the number of holders expand in recent years, alongside the demand for companies that provide services in staking. Staking allows cryptocurrency holders to pledge their assets in order to validate other transactions on the blockchain network.

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Xensam lowers operational costs while hosting on a fully GDPR-compliant cloud

Xensam is a Swedish Software Asset Management (SAM) provider for businesses of all sizes. Their secure solution eases SAM workloads by adding out-of-the-box automation and cutting-edge features while delivering a user-friendly experience and industry-leading discovery of both on-premise and SaaS applications.

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Cost-efficient cloud platform for Managed Kubernetes

Montel Intergalactic delivers DevOps expertise for the whole cloud infrastructure modernization journey including cloud migrations, containerization, Kubernetes setup, and an automated continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. MontelCare is a 24/7 Managed Cloud service with a guarantee.

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Seenode expands with GDPR-compliant cloud

Seenode is a Slovakian cloud platform that speeds up software delivery and enables teams of all sizes to host code in any programming language. The company has evolved from its beginnings as a small web hosting project into a cloud platform that supports developers at all levels. Now, it integrates with major git providers, including GitHub, and GitLab, making it easy for anyone to create, manage, and scale cloud services.

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Helping teachers and students enjoy learning

Learning maths and other subjects is not always fun. It is certainly more challenging when you study for exams. How to make learning more fun and teaching more inclusive. This is the junction where technology meets teachers and students. Alfons Education has embarked on a journey to make teaching and learning more fun, accessible, and secure.

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BigSpark increases performance by 10 percent

BigSpark is a Netherlands based media publisher. It owns four of the most popular websites for smartphone news and comparison websites with a total of over 2.9 million monthly visitors. With an in-house team of editors and content specialists the team focuses on topics that matter most to consumers and tech enthusiasts. One of the most known and popular publishing sites is iPhoned.

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