AWS vs. UpCloud

Bigger isn’t always better – and certainly not the most cost-efficient!

Compare UpCloud with AWS and find out how to increase your cloud performance with the same or even lower costs. We require no upfront payments or long term agreements.

Why choose UpCloud

UpCloud vs. AWS

Not sure what the most suitable solution for your business needs is? We did the work for you!

Easy-to-use platform
Easy-to-use for developers
Certifications needed for proficiency012
Live support chat included
Avg. support response time< 2 min< 12 hour
ISO 27001 Certified
2 Core / 8GB RAM cloud server€40 /month$82.8 /mo
Egress data transfer /TB€0 /TB$90 /TB
Managed Databases, starting at€30 /month$144 /mo
European DC locations88

Why are others making the switch?

Ease-of-use you didn't know existed

UpCloud’s user-friendly control panel and API optimise operations and empower your development team to focus on driving your products and business forward.

Optimise costs, maximise performance

Companies searching to increase their performance without compromising pricing find UpCloud as their match. A predictable and transparent price plan means no more surprise costs at the end of the month.

Global availability, secured in Europe

UpCloud ensures industry-leading performance while being fully compliant with GDPR and ISO 27001 certification. Sleep at ease knowing your customers’ data is safe with a European cloud service provider.

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Erik Laco, owner and CEO, Seenode:

“Taking advantage of the best price-performance ratio on the market has helped us achieve great value for the money to our customers as well as freeing up our teams to innovate and grow our business further.”

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Jeroen Schieven, Full Stack Developer, BigSpark:

“What we really appreciate about UpCloud compared to a hyperscaler is great and reachable support as well as clear and transparent pricing.”


Ignacio Iglesias Castreño, Co-Founder and CTO, Stakely:

“Thanks to UpCloud, the performance of the storage of our cloud servers improved x10 compared with other providers we used in the past.”

World-class cloud servers

Experience our next generation, high-performance and resilient Cloud Servers without worry or commitment.

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