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System managers and API clients

Explore the infrastructure management tools and API clients ready to help you with automation and integration.

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UpCloud Packer Builder

Packer is an easy-to-use automation solution for creating any type of machine images. It embraces modern configuration management by allowing automated software installation and setup within Packer-built images. UpCloud Packer builder integrates Packer with our Cloud Servers and makes creating private templates fast! Packer plugin UpCloud Packer builder is a plugin for Packer to simplify template […]

System imaging

UpCloud Ansible Collection

Ansible is a popular configuration management tool for provisioning anything from individual cloud servers to entire cloud infrastructures. It executes the requested operation by following user-defined playbooks, lists of customisable actions written in YAML, on specified cloud servers. Using Ansible, you can automate all bootstrapping operations, like installing and updating software, creating and removing users, […]


Get started with UpCloud Command-line Interface

UpCloud Command-Line Interface

UpCloud Command-Line Interface, or UpCloud CLI for short, is a text-based user interface to UpCloud’s Infrastructure-as-a-service. It provides a fast command-line tool for accessing and managing your UpCloud resources. Save valuable time with quick commands always right at your fingertips! UpCloud CLI UpCloud CLI allows you to control your Cloud Servers, storage and networking from […]



UpCloud Terraform Provider

Terraform is a popular open-source infrastructure-as-code software tool created by HashiCorp. It allows users to define infrastructure as code using a simple, human-readable language to safely and predictably manage cloud infrastructure by codifying APIs into declarative configuration files.




Rancher is an open source management panel for multiple Kubernetes clusters in production. This driver adds UpCloud’s infrastructure as a cloud provider to the Rancher UI. https://github.com/montel-ig/ui-driver-upcloud



upcloud-go-api https://github.com/UpCloudLtd/upcloud-go-api

API clients


Python client for UpCloud’s API. https://github.com/UpCloudLtd/upcloud-python-api

API clients


PHP API client for UpCloud’s API. https://github.com/UpCloudLtd/upcloud-php-api

API clients


A docker-machine driver for UpCloud. https://github.com/UpCloudLtd/docker-machine-driver-upcloud


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