Past event

Coffee’n’Code Gothenburg

UpCloud is sponsoring the food & drinks for the upcoming Coffee’n’Code “Getting To Know React” hackaton on 27th of April in Gothenburg, Sweden.

This one day practical workshop for React beginners will introduce you to React basics where you will learn about reusable components, state and props, and component life-cycle methods.

Remember to bring your own laptop and charger!



Saturday, 27 April 2019, 9:30 AM, UTC +1


Chalmers Innovation Stena Center, Holtermansgatan 1, Göteborg


Helsinki (HQ)

In the capital city of Finland, you will find our headquarters, and our first data centre. This is where we handle most of our development and innovation.


London was our second office to open, and a important step in introducing UpCloud to the world. Here our amazing staff can help you with both sales and support, in addition to host tons of interesting meetups.


Singapore was our 3rd office to be opened, and enjoys one of most engaged and fastest growing user bases we have ever seen.


Seattle is our 4th and latest office to be opened, and our way to reach out across the pond to our many users in the Americas.