Zero-cost egress removes pricing uncertainty

Get on the forefront of the cloud with zero-cost egress, and free your business to scale without worrying about unexpected transfer bills.

Benefits of zero-cost egress

No egress fees, no surprises

Forget unpredictable network bills at the end of the month. With zero-cost egress, you’ll never see a surprise bill for transfer usage.

One policy, zero egress costs

Never pay for network transfer, even when your business takes off. Redirect savings towards accelerating your business growth.

Worry-free networking

Scale your business without ever even thinking about egress transfer costs. Feel free to rely on your cloud networking at any scale.

Account-wide, globally

Distribute your cloud resources freely without a worry about transfer quotas. Make use of your cloud infrastructure at its’ fullest.

Free your business to thrive

Say goodbye to unpredictable egress costs by building your business on a forward-thinking cloud.

How it works

It just does, at zero cost!

No costs, ever

The zero-cost egress initiative ensures the vast majority of our customers will never have to worry about transfer costs.

Fair Transfer Policy

The policy allows a generous monthly transfer while ensuring all customers have access to high-quality, low-latency public networking.

Across all products

Zero-cost egress works seamlessly with all products and services, empowering businesses to scale, distribute content and best of all, grow.

Transparent network usage

Easily view network transfer usage in your UpCloud Control Panel. Our user-friendly dashboard provides real-time insights on how your services utilise bandwidth.

Distribute your applications worldwide

Global zero-cost egress

Frequently asked questions

Refer to the full terms and conditions of Fair Transfer Policy for more details.

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