Everything As a Code

On January 17th, our guests are Serhan Guney and Erdam Erbas from Turkeys largest e-commerce site, Hepsiburada.com.


Talk about the processess from developer’s own workstations to infrastructure installations which we use at Hepsiburada. In this process we use the principles of everything as a code and we will try to transfer our experiences from running this in production.

Topics include:
– Infrastructure As Code
– Workstation Provisioning
– Pipelines as Code
– Observability As Code
– Content As Code
– ADRs
– Test Driven Everything

UpCloud is providing the meetup participants easy (and free) access to UpCloud’s cloud computing resources to run their workloads in global scale.


Thursday, 17 January 2019, 10:15 PM UTC+0300

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