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Get better-performing cloud servers for less money! Migrating servers or your infrastructure from one cloud provider to another requires both time and money.

UpCloud helps you with that by offering our customers a up to a 3 month free cloud migration period. You can focus on the cloud migration without having to worry about the costs arising from using two different service providers.

Faster, easier, more reliable

Switch to a better cloud

Modern Cloud

Offering Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Managed Kubernetes, Managed Databases and more, spanning four continents and 13 data centres.

Unmatched experience

Designed for business-critical workloads, guaranteed 100% SLA and backed by 24/7/365 real-time support because your time matters.

Your data, your choice

Building on EU-based Cloud your data stays where it belongs. Choose an ISO 27001-certified cloud provider prioritising your data security.

No FinOps needed

Enjoy transparent pricing with up to 70% off hyper vendors, ensuring an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio.

Apply for free cloud migration

Check if your company is eligible for the free cloud migration period. Please enter the details of your company and your current server infrastructure in the following form.

Terms and conditions

Free cloud migration period is available to our new business customers whose infrastructure costs on UpCloud will exceed €250 per month.

Duration and the specific conditions of the free cloud migration period may vary and will be determined together during the discussion with our team.

The general Terms of Service and Privacy Policy apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

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