Posted on 22.11.2023

How iSpeed Solutions improved their customer offering with UpCloud’s Singapore Data Centre

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For two decades, iSpeed Solutions has been helping small and medium-sized businesses based in Asia outsource their IT management. They currently manage over 1,000 customers and have recently switched their hosting infrastructure to UpCloud.

The company works with businesses selling locally as well as globally, meaning there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Their services include email server hosting, network management and troubleshooting, web hosting and SAP Business One hosting – for customers looking for additional security and reliability when managing financial accounting data.

When searching for their new cloud hosting provider, iSpeed needed reliability, efficient costs, and flexibility for their differing client requirements. UpCloud’s 100% SLA uptime guarantee ensured zero downtime during migrations from iSpeed’s previous provider and their own managed servers.

“UpCloud’s fixed performance and prices allowed us to provide similarly fixed prices for customers, meaning we could promise them the same rates for an entire year, and minimize required changes to their services.”

William Fock, Managing Director at iSpeed Solutions

After switching, iSpeed saw hosting costs decrease by almost 40% with UpCloud’s scalable plans and value-driven plans, and their email archival systems run 2.5x faster.

Support in 90 seconds

“The main thing we are looking for from a provider is speed, reliability, and of course backend support for networking and troubleshooting, explained William Fock, Managing Director at iSpeed.”

As a result, quick and seamless communication with UpCloud’s chat support system, with an average response time of just 90 seconds, is now a critical part of iSpeed’s development and maintenance process.

“Initially, we used Azure which was more complicated when trying to implement security features or other services. UpCloud has a chat service on their customer portal, so if we have any issues, we can immediately message them and begin troubleshooting straight away,” said Fock. “The support is more or less instantaneous, compared to Azure where we needed to file a ticket and allow much more time to get support.”

Local customers, local requirements

“For customers looking to host SAP Business One data on cloud servers, we provision the hardware, the virtual machine and SQL server and our specialist department will install programs based on the customer requirements,” explained Fock.

“One of our biggest clients is a bicycle-parts company based in Singapore that operates globally. After switching to UpCloud, we’ve been able to increase their performance for minimal price difference.”

Even though they might be global businesses, all of iSpeed’s customers are Asia-based, with many located in Singapore.

“In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in Singapore, we use UpCloud’s servers at their Singapore Data Centre to guarantee to our customers that all their data is hosted in Singapore and all virtual machines are localized there too.”

William Fock, Managing Director at iSpeed Solutions

“After starting with just a few virtual machines for testing, and finding that they were very stable and cost-efficient, we’ve continued to increase our partnership with UpCloud – discovering that they are easily one of the best choices around.”

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