Updated on 16.8.2023

How Hosted Power leaps beyond the conventionally possible

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At Hosted Power, we always provide tailor-made managed hosting services. We can adjust our Software-as-a-Service to the customer’s needs and requests. Customizations could range from the design of a cluster setup to the complete roll-out and management of your cloud infrastructure.

As a managed hosting partner, we first dive deep into the setup of our customer’s site or application. We tinker with the infrastructure until we can guarantee load times of less than one second and maximum uptime. With Hosted Power our customers start from the pole position, maintain speed, and together with our customers as a team we reach the full potential of any website or app.

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Previous challenges

Having a good website or application is no longer enough to convince clients or prospects. Those who do not have the fastest, clearest and best-performing website or application lose visitors and also experience the financial consequences quickly. Time is money, both with regard to loading time and uptime!

With the aforementioned in mind, we were mainly looking for a reliable cloud infrastructure provider with fast servers. The fast servers are the “basic” requirement for our services since we’re really focussed on high-performance solutions. However because we host services for the government amongst other larger companies and platforms, the uptime and stability are at least as important in our case. We were also impressed by the warm welcome we felt when first contacting UpCloud.

Hosting on UpCloud

We continuously maintain the infrastructure of our customers through monitoring, updates, and security patches to provide our high-quality services. To achieve the performance to cost advantages, we make use of UpCloud’s standard monthly packages.

With varying requirements from different customers, our servers range from small 2 cores and 4 GB of RAM hosts up to 16 CPU cores and 64 GB RAM large systems. As an added benefit, all of our servers utilize MaxIOPS block storage as it is included in the monthly Simple pricing.

We also run cluster setups where we, for example, split the webservers and database servers. Each server and service is under the watchful eye of our internally developed comprehensive monitoring system.


An important part of our managed hosting service is improving the loading times of our customer’s websites. One thing we’ve noticed in particular is that some websites and applications are sometimes already up to 100% faster just by moving onto UpCloud. This provides a great stepping stone to boosting the apps and websites more than would otherwise be possible with optimization alone, up to enabling a customer’s website or application to run 4 times faster on an unchanged budget.

Another aspect of our approach to building a great web service is ensuring reliability. We not only strive for maximum uptime in setting up structural applications but also provide the necessary automatic scalability to handle peaks. The quick infrastructure operations on UpCloud work well for scalability automation. Thanks to these improvements, we are able to better provide our speed and uptime guarantees.

Future plans

We have not yet deployed that many servers outside of Amsterdam but already could use the other regions, for example, testing from the US. We were also able to already set up some failover services in Frankfurt. In the future we hope to deploy even more servers worldwide: With UpCloud, luckily we’re not bound to any local presence of resources or servers.

We would like to implement more cluster setups but are waiting on features to improve the feasibility such as built-in load balancers and more advanced private networking with SDN.

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