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Montel Intergalactic delivers DevOps expertise for the whole cloud infrastructure modernization journey including cloud migrations, containerization, Kubernetes setup, and an automated continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. MontelCare is a 24/7 Managed Cloud service with a guarantee.


In 2021, when UpCloud moved to offer Cloud Native products, Montel became part of UpCloud Partner Program. While Montel assists UpCloud’s customers in building and maintaining Kubernetes-based infrastructure, in return, their clients can rely on a fast and reliable platform and take advantage of UpCloud’s Managed Kubernetes service.


“Montel is actively recommending UpCloud to some customers for better reliability and functionality, which will, in turn, lead to cost savings down the line, where they might have missed out on sales before due to server downtime,” says CTO of Montel Lauri Kainulainen.


The raw cost of a server alone is already significantly lower when sourced from UpCloud compared to hyperscalers. However, cost optimisation goes beyond that. Companies are focused on streamlining their spending and cutting back on unnecessary expenses. Additionally, choosing a European cloud provider brings the benefit of data sovereignty and GDPR compliance.


The unique communication experience with UpCloud’s technical experts ensures that the challenges Montel’s customers might encounter will be resolved quickly, allowing them to fully concentrate on developing future-proof digital solutions.



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