Seenode expands with GDPR-compliant cloud

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Seenode is a Slovakian cloud platform that speeds up software delivery and enables teams of all sizes to host code in any programming language.


The company has evolved from its beginnings as a small web hosting project into a cloud platform that supports developers at all levels. Now, it integrates with major git providers, including GitHub, and GitLab, making it easy for anyone to create, manage, and scale cloud services, no matter the size of your team or your geographical location.


But as it has grown in size, Seenode has had to navigate the challenges of maintaining peak performance while maintaining its high standards of daily operations. And, because they plan to expand their European customer base, GDPR compliance is crucial.


In order to guarantee both peak performance and data safety, Seenode works with UpCloud to manage its servers from our European data centres. It uses features such as Load Balancer and Managed Database to ensure it can scale up rapidly, delivering a smooth user experience and benefitting from 24/7 support.


According to Erik Laco, owner and CEO of Seenode, automating services with UpCloud means his teams can focus on delivering for customers instead of worrying about data security. “Taking advantage of the best price-performance ratio on the market has helped us achieve great value for the money to our customers as well as freeing up our teams to innovate and grow our business further,” he said.


Fueled by UpCloud’s support, Seenode continues to offer its customers the service they expect while confidently expanding into new markets without compromising on data security or performance.



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