Making cryptocurrency staking performance ten times better


The growing popularity of cryptocurrency has seen the number of holders expand in recent years, alongside the demand for companies that provide services in staking.


Staking allows cryptocurrency holders to pledge their assets in order to validate other transactions on the blockchain network. Through staking, cryptocurrency holders can play their part in supporting wider network security while also creating a passive income at the same time. is a UK-based company offering non-custodial staking services to make the process easier and more accessible to crypto owners who don’t have the technical expertise or resources to run their own nodes. The blockchain infrastructure business demands high performance. It involves storing large volumes of data in extensive databases that need to be quickly read and written. That’s why uses UpCloud.


“Thanks to UpCloud MaxIOPS, we have the cloud’s flexibility and Non-Volatile Memory Express’s (NVMe) performance at the same time,” said Ignacio Iglesias Castreño, Co-Founder and CTO of “The storage performance of our cloud servers improved 10 times compared with other providers we used in the past.”


Not only does enjoy UpCloud’s standard high performance, but it also benefits from the availability of nodes deployed in multiple data centre locations around the globe, enhancing the network in underrepresented areas across the world. The end result is better performance, security and decentralisation of the blockchain network to the benefit of cryptocurrency users everywhere.



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