Xensam lowered operational costs while hosting on a fully GDPR-compliant cloud

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Xensam is a Swedish Software Asset Management (SAM) provider for businesses of all sizes. Their secure solution eases SAM workloads by adding out-of-the-box automation and cutting-edge features while delivering a user-friendly experience and industry-leading discovery of both on-premise and SaaS applications.


“Evaluation of different providers, incorporating assessments of cost-effectiveness, compliance with GDPR, and performance benchmarks within the EU sector concluded that UpCloud excelled in all these areas. After the migration, we noticed significant enhancements in system performance and a reduction in operational costs,” says Gustav Fösker, Co-founder and CTO, Xensam.


With a strategic focus on the EU market, Xensam must ensure they comply with the European data protection regulations (such as GDPR) and strict data residency requirements imposed by their customers. For this reason, Xensam leverages several of UpCloud’s European data centres, including the newly opened data centre in Stockholm, Sweden.


“Each of UpCloud’s data centre locations is delivering exceptional performance, uptime, and reliability,” says Gustav Fösker, who also praises the responsiveness of UpCloud’s customer support and ability to adapt to Xensam’s evolving needs.


Additionally, by using UpCloud’s managed Kubernetes services and Load Balancers, Xensam will enhance its application stack infrastructure even further. With this mutually supportive partnership, Xensam can focus on pursuing its ambitious expansion plans.



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