Updated on 1.9.2023

How Hostaan launched a new hosting service on UpCloud

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Hostaan Oy focuses on delivering blazing fast and stable WordPress hosting and even faster & top-notch customer support for our clients in Finland. UpCloud has made this possible by providing the world’s fastest cloud servers for us.

Test hosting on UpCloud!

Although we have been operating only since 2019, we have built the expertise over a decade in a previous web hosting business. Next, we are aiming to global markets to multiply our customer base.

Previous challenges

Selecting UpCloud was very easy. We simply wanted to co-operate with the best possible cloud infrastructure provider. Our goal is to offer unbeatable reliability and speed for our customers. Therefore, choosing the right cloud provider was very important.

In the end, the choice was quite easy. We were already familiar with UpCloud and their background from our previous co-operation over the years.

Hosting on UpCloud

Building our web hosting service on UpCloud has given us the flexibility to create new server resources in a swift. Not only that, but we can also adjust any server resources on-demand, taking immediate snapshot backups and having virtual remote access to the cloud server via UpCloud’s control panel. These are all unbeatable features in our line of business.

Even though our servers rely heavily on the Plesk control panel, we utilise a lot of custom solutions. As an example, we’ve set up automatically replicating nameservers and incremental backups on file level to HDD block storage servers. Such custom configurations are especially benefiting from UpCloud’s utility network.

We’ve built our services using UpCloud’s fast MaxIOPS storage. In addition, although UpCloud’s servers are already fast, we intentionally overprovision our resources to ensure the performance of our customers’ websites.


UpCloud’s cloud platform has eliminated all hardware-level troubles for us. It insulates our services from any server downtime caused by hardware failures or outdated hardware components, allowing us to concentrate on our core strength, web hosting.

Furthermore, UpCloud’s 100% SLA on our cloud environment gives us the advantage to offer the best reliability to our customers. Also, combining the world’s fastest cloud servers to our Nginx Caching makes WordPress just fly, reaching a site loading speed of only about 300ms at best – thus making us one of the fastest WordPress hosting providers in the World.

Future plans

UpCloud provides us with an excellent infrastructure for European-wide or even international growth. This will allow us to set up servers where our customers are located and to compete localised in local markets with a technologically advanced server platform.

We have already seen tremendous success in our strategy partnering with UpCloud. Our WordPress Hosting products have been a hit, as they run very stable, are extremely fast, have excellent customer support and are also affordable.

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