We heard you, introducing zero-cost and unlimited egress

Businesses troubled with unpredictable & high egress costs leads to us completely removing Internet transfer costs.

Egress fees have been the last headache and source of uncertainty for customers transitioning to the cloud. Now, they are a thing of the past.”

UpCloud founder & CTO Joel Pihlajamaa

HELSINKI, Finland – April 1, 2024 – In what’s being hailed as a groundbreaking move in the cloud services industry, UpCloud Ltd. today announced the launch of its revolutionary pricing model – unlimited free outbound traffic for its cloud services. This initiative is set to redefine cost management and scalability in cloud computing.

The inception of this revolutionary pricing model was sparked by feedback from UpCloud’s developer community, voicing concerns over the exorbitant costs associated with data egress in traditional cloud platforms. “I’m tired of micromanaging my data transfer to avoid unpredictable and sky-high fees” say developers, a sentiment that resonated deeply with UpCloud’s mission.

Our commitment to eliminating barriers in cloud computing drove us to develop this new model.“, stated Antti Vilpponen, CEO of UpCloud.
Echoed by founder and CTO, Joel Pihlajamaa, “This isn’t just an advancement; it’s a revolution. Unlimited egress represents our pledge to empowering developers and businesses with true freedom and flexibility.

UpCloud’s zero-cost-egress initiative promises to:

  • End Data Transfer Worries: Say goodbye to unexpected costs. With UpCloud, distribute your content far and wide, free from the anxiety of rising operational expenses.
  • World-Class Network Access: Gain entry to top-tier global network infrastructure. UpCloud ensures your services run on the most reliable, high-speed networks available, connecting you to the world without limits.
  • Unlock Unbounded Growth: Experience the freedom to scale and innovate. Without egress fees to hold you back, your company’s potential is limitless.  

Our team is working around the clock to introduce this change to our 13 global data centres. We’re committed to launching as soon as possible and will keep you updated with all the details as they unfold.

For those eager to explore the bounds of this new offering, additional details will be unveiled soon.

Zero-cost egress went live 7th of May 2024. Read more

About UpCloud Ltd
UpCloud is a leading European cloud service provider with a global cloud platform spanning four continents. We offer a reliable, GDPR-compliant cloud-native product portfolio available from 13 different data centres. Formed in 2012, UpCloud is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland with an international team working across the globe. Our 100% SLA ensures uninterrupted services, empowering businesses worldwide to thrive. Learn more at upcloud.com

Antti Vilpponen

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