Blog Removing the burden of maintenance: Introducing UpCloud Managed Databases!

Removing the burden of maintenance: Introducing UpCloud Managed Databases!

UpCloud Managed Databases

Managed databases offer a carefree approach to installation and maintenance while providing advantages often only available in high-complexity self-hosted databases. The increase in system complexity then adds costs by requiring continuous attention in upkeep. To solve this headache once and for all, we are excited to be introducing UpCloud Managed Databases!

Deploy your database on the state-of-art cloud infrastructure with a push of a button and delegate the mundane tasks of maintenance to professionals. Spend your valuable time growing your business instead!

Introducing UpCloud Managed Databases

UpCloud Managed Databases is the turn-key solution for database hosting at any scale. It allows you to deploy professional-grade database services on UpCloud without a moment spent in a manual installation.

A great benefit of utilising Managed Databases is how the database is run independently from the applications that use it. This approach offers advanced high availability and scalability which eliminate any worries about downtime. Furthermore, Managed Databases are covered by our signature 100% uptime SLA, so you can rest assured your database is always available.

UpCloud Managed Databases are offered in 2 and 3 node clustered configurations. Utilising the expert managed cluster setups brings huge advantages with minimal effort when comparing the work required to deploy a similar system from the ground up. Unclustered single-node databases are also available which are great for testing and development before effortlessly scaling up when moving to production.

At launch, UpCloud Managed Databases include MySQL and PostgreSQL database options and come with a variety of service plans. The storage options start from 25 GB on single nodes and range up to 500 GB on 3 node clusters. Each database plan also includes automatic backups that allow retrieving data from any specific state-in-time down to a minute!

Get started!

Connecting your application or service to UpCloud Managed Databases is as easy as one, two, three! With quick deployment, you can easily begin developing your next idea without a single worry about maintenance. And when you are ready to unveil your creation, zero-downtime scalability will help you take it to the next level!

Head over to our introductory tutorial to UpCloud Managed Databases and get started in minutes! After deploying your first managed database, you are all set to begin using it like any other database with common database clients. Or if you want to learn more, check out our documentation for Managed Databases.

Interested in Managed Databases? Start deploying today!

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6 thoughts on “Removing the burden of maintenance: Introducing UpCloud Managed Databases!

  1. Looks very clean, but I can’t figure out how to get access to the backups of a database cluster directly without restoring all individual databases in it and creating a new cluster. Is there a link to the actual data I haven’t found yet?

    1. Hi there, thanks for the question. Cloning the backup to a new instance is the quickest way to access the data saved in your backups without interrupting your existing database operations.

    1. Hi Adam, thanks for the question. PostgreSQL connection pooling using pgbouncer is coming but we cannot promise a release date at this time. Redis databases are also a possibility, but the time frame for it is currently open.

  2. Hope there is an entry level instance, maybe $10 or $15 per month, like DigitalOcean does.
    I guess UpCloud is probably more performant, but for development or side projects, $30 is too expensive to get started. (Even more expensive than a micro RDS)

    1. Hey there, thank you for your feedback! I will pass this to our team for consideration when making improvements in the future.

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