CloudFest 2024 meet UpCloud: The best cloud you’ve never heard of! 

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Team UpCloud is thrilled to attend this year’s CloudFest, situated right in the heart of Europe, where France, Germany, and Switzerland meet. Making the journey from our Nordic headquarters, we want to share with you why UpCloud is the best cloud you’ve probably never heard of!

Yes, it’s easy for us to say we’re the best (as easy as our API is to use), so here’s just some of the reason we would like to share with you: 

Performance – fast, flexible and reliable cloud

We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled performance. With 13 data centres across the world, we ensure low latency and deliver unbeatable speeds to allow you to build your business-critical infrastructure with peace of mind. 

Our MaxIOPS storage technology allows our customers to experience read and write speeds that take their business to the next level. Whether you’re managing a small website or a complex application, we guarantee performance with an unrivalled SLA, N+1 redundancy throughout our entire infrastructure and a 50x payback for any downtime over 5 minutes  – allowing you and your team to focus on delivering for customers. 

What’s more, our fully flexible and scalable services are designed to grow alongside your business. Instantly add CPUs or storage devices with a click. Our platform also connects directly with your existing cloud infrastructure.

Security – your trusted European partner

For us, data security is the top priority – just as it should be for any business.

As a European cloud provider, we understand the complexities of achieving regulatory compliance and appreciate the mounting pressure from end-users regarding data security.

Certifications like ISO 27001 and adherence to the CISPE Code of Conduct demonstrate our commitment to ensuring your data is secure and handled in compliance with European regulations. 

In prioritising our pledge to compliance, we not only help our customers protect their data by implementing robust security measures but we also provide our customers with peace of mind knowing their data is secure on servers located on European soil.

When it comes to keeping your customers’ data safe, that’s one less headache for any business active in Europe.

Value – beyond the bottom line

We like to take a holistic view on value! Yes, we offer a competitive price point in the market but our value exceeds cost. 

To us, customer support is not just a service; it’s a commitment to meeting our customers’ needs. Our dedicated support team (actual humans, no bots!) is available 24/7/365. Our response time is 63 secs, so whatever the problem you face, we’ll get your projects back up and running in no time! 

What’s more, with a NPS score of 52 and a customer satisfaction rate  of 92.6%, it’s clear we are doing something right, whether it’s our easy to use API, speedy server deployment or straightforward human support. Find out for yourself what our customers think.

So now you know…

A hidden gem no longer! If you are attending CloudFest 2024, then come and say hello!

Whether it’s to discuss your business needs or just shoot the breeze about Cloud, we love nothing better than chatting to the industry! Check out our stand at H10 and meet our team.

Schedule a meeting at the event, and see you in Europa Park this March.

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Fiona Horan

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