UpCloud x Junction: Promoting innovation through collaboration

UpCloud x Junction: Promoting innovation through collaboration

At UpCloud, we’re relentless in our pursuit of performance, data security and sovereignty, and we love nothing more than collaborating with other businesses who share these values.

That’s why we’re excited to share details of our partnership with Junction – a non-profit organisation that serves the tech community and brings computing to everyone from their headquarters in Espoo, Finland.

We have a lot in common. We are both unashamed geeks for technology and innovation, and we share an ambition to use tech to change the world for the better.

“Junction is Europe’s leading hackathon organiser, bringing together tens of thousands of techies around the world,” said Iida Loukkaanhuhta, CEO, Junction.

“Our mission is to bridge the gap between creators and make everyone fall in love with technology. We want to spread excitement about tech all around the world, and that’s why Junction organises multiple hackathons throughout the year, not just in Finland, but abroad too.”

“We also aim to actively promote Finland to the world and increase Finland’s attractiveness in the labour market and to businesses across the globe. The Junction year is filled with great events, but it all builds up to the main event – the crown jewel of Junction in Helsinki.”

Solving the problems of today with top-notch tools

In November, UpCloud participated as a Hackerpack partner at Junction’s main Helsinki event in 2023 – the largest hackathon in Europe.

This year’s hackathon theme was Hack the Uncertainty, a subject chosen to reflect Junction’s belief in changing the world for the better with technology, even during turbulent times.

“By solving the problems of today, we can make a better tomorrow”, Loukkaanhuhta concludes.

This is a mission shared by UpCloud, but it’s one that no business can solve alone – it demands collaboration. As a Hackerpack partner, UpCloud provided the event participants with cloud infrastructure for their projects together with the support team to help the teams achieve their goals.

“I see UpCloud fitting the Hackerpack partnership perfectly,” said Loukkaanhuhta.

“Junction’s participants were able to utilise UpCloud’s state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure. This enabled the attending teams to increase their project performance by deploying them on UpCloud’s servers.”

For UpCloud, partnering with Junction is an opportunity to help the tech community in Finland and around the world foster the ideas of tomorrow. It also allows developers of all kinds to experience UpCloud first-hand.

“We’re confident the teams are able to take their projects to the next level with UpCloud,” said Teemu Toppola, UpCloud’s Head of Product. “For us, this collaboration is also an excellent opportunity to increase brand awareness and allow the tech enthusiasts to experience the benefits of the superior European cloud.”

Find out more about how UpCloud is collaborating with businesses across the tech community to build a better world.

Pihla Jormakka

Brand Specialist

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