Posted on 21.2.2013

New Service Features: SSD based storage resources and more flexible server configurations

SSD based storage and other improvements

We’ve been hard at work again this month to come out with updates to improve the overall service quality. Our update includes numerous smaller fixes and improvements under the hood in addition to the more visible updates regarding the storage resources and server configuration possibilities.

From now on, you are able to use SSD based storage resources that crunch out highly impressive IOPS. SSDs are a great choice for database servers, for example, that require high IO-performance.

Configure your servers based on your needs

In addition to new storage resources, we have also improved the possibilities for new server configurations dramatically. We have dramatically lowered the dependency between CPU and memory resources enabling our clients to better configure their server based on their needs. In addition to improving configuration possibilities, we have also increased the amount of CPU and memory available. You can now create servers with up to 8 CPUs and 32 GB of memory.

Lower pricing

Finally, we can happily state that we have lowered our prices both in our London and Finnish data centres enabling customers to now get the lowest price for their extremely redundant and high-performance servers.

Antti Vilpponen

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