Posted on 26.9.2023

UpCloud appoints Teemu Toppola as Head of Product

UpCloud appoints Teemu Toppola as Head of Product

UpCloud is delighted to announce the appointment of Teemu Toppola as our new Head of Product, effective September 1st, 2023.

Teemu joined UpCloud in 2021 as a Team Coach, advancing to Head of Engineering by early 2022. Having excelled in his roles over the past two years, Teemu was promoted to the role of Head of Product.

Bringing more than a decade of experience in leading product development and overseeing ICT services and operations, Teemu joined UpCloud in 2021 looking for opportunities to deepen his involvement in product development.

“I aspired to be part of a growing international company with a clear mission. Additionally, I’ve always worked with companies that are ‘tech’ at heart, and UpCloud is in many ways a direct match,” Teemu Toppola says.

In his previous role as Head of Engineering, Teemu has overseen the development of UpCloud’s state-of-the-art products and services, and has worked closely with the wider product team to make sure our products are built with a strong emphasis on delivering value for users.

In his new role, Teemu will ensure our offering aligns seamlessly with market demands and allows our customers to accelerate their business. 

“I have always been drawn to building platforms for companies and teams to succeed – and UpCloud offers solutions that help our customers grow their businesses,” says Teemu.

“My journey at UpCloud has already provided me with the opportunity to take on more and more responsibilities, so when this new opportunity presented itself, everything just felt right,” he continues.

Charting a vision for UpCloud

Teemu says he is excited to take on a new challenge at UpCloud, and it is clear that he isn’t just accepting a new role – he’s setting out a clear vision for our future.

“At UpCloud, we’re far from being just another Cloud Service Provider. We’re committed to developing a robust European cloud platform with a customer-focused cloud-native offering powered by a highly performant backend and infrastructure.”

“This approach – coupled with our unrivalled customer support – allows us to provide an exciting level of service for our customers, both existing and new.”

The news of Teemu’s appointment isn’t the only exciting senior-level leadership change at UpCloud in recent weeks. Lauri Ikonen, the former Head of Google’s Finnish Data Centre, was named UpCloud’s Chief Strategy and Operations Officer, and took up his position on the 1st of August.

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