Blog UpCloud condemns Russia’s aggression and invasion of Ukraine

UpCloud condemns Russia’s aggression and invasion of Ukraine


We at UpCloud have been shocked and appalled by the actions of Russia towards Ukraine. The illegal aggression Russia has taken towards a sovereign state, Ukraine, is a clear violation of international law and treaties. We stand in full support of Ukraine and condemn Russia’s actions in the strongest way possible.

Until now, we have refrained from commenting on the war as we do not want to create a publicity stunt out of our actions or our condemnation of the war. However, as we’ve received some questions and concerns, we want to take this opportunity to clarify our stance to not only declare our unhindered support to Ukraine during these difficult times but also fully condemn the actions Russia is taking towards a sovereign state and its people.

Therefore, to follow through with the above statement, we are waiving all service charges to our current Ukrainian customers for the coming months. This is done in an effort to help our Ukrainian customers to continue running their businesses in spite of all the hardships they are facing.

Additionally, as of today, we will no longer be accepting registrations from Russian companies. Furthermore, we are also donating three months’ worth of revenue from our Russian customers to humanitarian causes in Ukraine.

Finally, as a company, we stand together as a team and will further match our employees’ voluntary donations to humanitarian causes as well.

Antti Vilpponen,
CEO, UpCloud

2 thoughts on “UpCloud condemns Russia’s aggression and invasion of Ukraine

  1. Antti,

    Thank you for sharing this with us. We fully support you on it!

    Lets hope every company with activities in Russia or Ukraine will follow.


  2. War is always not good for any country. It effects common people in the world.

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