Posted on 13.12.2023

Get to know our Swedish Data Centre

Get to know our Swedish Data Centre

It’s official, we have arrived! The latest addition to UpCloud’s data centre family is now live after months of hard work and dedication to further serving our Swedish and European customers. 

Since its initial conception, the launch of our new DC strives to deliver the same exceptional services and benefits to our customers whilst providing peace of mind knowing end users’ data is safe and processed in adherence with European regulations. 

So what services are available at our new DC?

We are delighted to provide users with the world’s fastest Cloud Servers, MaxIOPS block storage, Managed Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Redis and OpenSearch and many more cloud services from our Swedish DC located in the heart of Stockholm. 

With 12 other DCs scattered globally, connectivity is hassle-free. Through our Utility Network, users are connected globally enabling quick communication between Cloud Servers. 

In addition to the above, we remain committed to providing clients with the same great benefits and features our customers have come to know and love. We pride ourselves in offering exceptional customer support with 24/7/365 access and an average inquiry response time of just 90 seconds. 

For our Nordic neighbours with greater proximity to DCs comes decreased latency, accelerating processes and bolstering better business with faster time to market for cloud native companies. We provide N+1 redundancy throughout our entire infrastructure, with a 100% uptime SLA guarantee or a 50x payback for any downtime over 5 minutes.

Ensuring compliance with UpCloud

With the importance of privacy, security and transparency ingrained in Swedish culture, businesses and customers alike want to ensure that their personal data is protected and processed in line with European regulations. When it comes to cloud, the safest and most secure way to accomplish this is by utilising an EU-based cloud provider.

With strong Nordic values of transparency and a deep commitment to data privacy, we understand the challenges businesses face in ensuring GDPR compliance when operating through the cloud. With now 13 global data centres and extensive internal policies in place to meet these requirements, we prioritise addressing your data concerns and work tirelessly to ensure the security of your data.

Offering secure cloud solutions – our dedication to protecting your data is evident in our ISO 27001 certification, the global benchmark for information security. 

In prioritising our pledge to compliance, we not only help our customers protect their data, but  safeguard future revenue by helping preserve the reputation of a business and establish trusted partnerships with customers.

Our new Stockholm DC is available as SE-STO1 on the UpCloud Control Panel and the API. If you choose to deploy your servers there, you can count on the same exceptional performance as offered across our other centres. Security and reliability standards guaranteed, our data centres feature the modern and performant AMD EPYC processors to ensure your business runs smoothly. 

Interested in our Stockholm data centre? Start deploying today or speak to our team to learn more!

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Fiona Horan

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