Updated on 24.5.2023

What happens if my account balance runs out

Managing your account balance is really quite simple. You have the option of using easy one-time transfers as well as convenient automated recurring top-ups. If you expect your resource usage to vary greatly, we strongly recommend setting up an automated payment plan.

Low balance warning

In the event that your balance does get close to running out, we’ll notify you immediately via email.

You will receive several notifications by email to the address registered to your UpCloud user account. If your account has other workspace members, the notifications are first sent only to the registered billing contact.

When the credits are estimated to run out in 7 days or less, all contacts will receive the notifications. We recommend adding our notification email address [email protected] to your contacts to avoid having the important alerts from ending up in your spam folder.

When credits run out

Our policy in case an account balance runs out is as follows:

  • Credits have run out: Shutting down all Cloud Servers and Object Storage instances.
  • Credits have run out for over 1 month: Servers will be removed freeing allocated IP addresses.
  • Credits have run out over 2 months ago: Storages will be removed. Data will be lost permanently.

IP addresses and storages continue to be charged during the time the credits have run out and the services have been shut down. Your account balance is allowed to go below zero if necessary.

Continuing services

Should your account balancer ever run out, you can always continue using your services by simply adding credits to your UpCloud account. Once the account balance is again sufficient, you can restart all Cloud Servers as normal.

If you had running Object Storage instances when the account balance ran out, contact our support to have these reactivated.

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