Posted on 30.11.2022

Building better user experience – Launching Managed Databases for Redis

Long response times or slow login experience in your webshop or application can drastically reduce sales. And as many would agree from personal experience, If the content is not delivered in a timely manner users will go elsewhere.

To help improve your application performance in one go, we’ve been developing little something. Today I am proud to announce the launch of the newest member of our Managed Database service – Redis!

Perfect match with our existing portfolio

Performance has always been one of our strengths and the launch of Managed Databases for Redis plays well towards that goal. Simply by moving your databases onto Redis, you can easily make your end-user experience faster. Instead of making slow response queries to a database on the disk, Redis provides you with a lightning-fast reply from an in-memory cache. In most cases, this can reduce response times from milliseconds to microseconds which can easily make your website 30-40% faster.

Redis also works with a wide range of use cases and can be utilised by practically any web front application such as WordPress, Magento, Nxing – you name it. That’s to its ease of use and performance, Redis is well-regarded among developers. According to the Stack overflow 2022 study, Redis has been the most loved and wanted database 5 years in a row, only overtaken this year by PostgreSQL which is also available with our Managed Databases.

What makes Managed Databases for Redis special?

Redis by design has a clear focus on performance. However, even the fastest database will not serve customers if there’s a connection issue or configuration problem.

In the end, the thing that makes UpCloud truly special is our top-notch customer service. If you can’t figure something out, feel free to contact our local support 24/7 and get a reply within minutes. At UpCloud you can skip the wait for an answer from a ticket system. Instead, you can have direct personal contact with our in-house support team.

We also want to grow together with our customers and genuinely value your feedback. Our users have an actual impact on our future portfolio. For example, we currently support MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis with OpenSearch under development. But we are also going to be adding other options depending on demand. Kafka? Clickhouse? Grafana? Let us know!

Eager to try?

We believe that you will love the new Managed Databases for Redis service and therefore are offering a limited-time free introductory period. Get in touch via the contact form here and we’ll get you started.

Ilkka Sarpila 
Product Owner – UpCloud Managed Database Services

Ilkka Sarpila

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