Revolutionising cloud computing: Launching zero-cost egress transfer!

One month ago, in a bold move that promised to shake up the cloud services industry, we announced a game-changing update to our pricing model: zero-cost egress!

Landing the original announcement on April 1st was no coincidence. The change could easily seem too good to be true, so we could not miss our chance for some fun. However, we can assure you that the announcement was accurate; starting today, May 7th, 2024, all our public cloud services will include zero-cost egress transfer!

This pioneering initiative marks a significant milestone in our mission of simplifying cloud infrastructure services and offering exceptional value for our customers. With zero-cost egress, we’re revolutionising cost management and scalability, making them more accessible than ever.

Introducing zero-cost egress

The decision to eliminate outbound network transfer costs stems directly from the feedback we’ve received from our vibrant developer community. The common refrain of frustration over unpredictable and high egress costs has not been overlooked. We understand that managing data transfer to avoid unexpected fees can be a tiresome and limiting factor in your projects and innovations.

With zero-cost egress, you will benefit from the following unique advantages.

No egress costs

With UpCloud, you can now distribute your content globally without fearing additional costs. This change ensures that unpredictable expenses will no longer hinder your operations.

No end-of-month surprises

Zero-cost egress means all network transfer costs are fixed in the future. This allows for easier budgeting and less uncertainty in monthly outgoings, which is common with some of our competitors.

World-class network access

Our commitment extends beyond eliminating costs. UpCloud users will benefit from our top-tier global network infrastructure, ensuring your services run on the most reliable and high-speed networks.

Unbounded business growth

Free yourself from the constraints of egress fees and embrace the freedom to scale and innovate. Remove the limitations of your company’s potential with the ability to expand and grow without financial penalties for data distribution.

Already available

This monumental shift has already taken place across our 13 global data centres. All changes are positive and have already been applied automatically. Customers need not take any actions to enjoy the new zero-cost egress.

We are excited to offer more detailed information about this new offering for everyone who wants to learn more. You can find out more about zero-cost egress on the service page, in our documentation, and on the new Fair Transfer Policy page.

Stay tuned for further announcements and prepare to experience the freedom of unrestricted growth and innovation only with UpCloud.

Janne Ruostemaa


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