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Posted on 18.5.2021

NerdCloud inks partnership with UpCloud

[Helsinki, 17.5.2021] NerdCloud and UpCloud both globally positioned technology companies today announced a partnership. The partnership complements both companies’ service portfolios and is designed to offer added value for their existing and new customers.

Starting today, the partnership will allow UpCloud customers to leverage the software development services of NerdCloud, which has a task based model that allows companies to outsource their software maintenance tasks to NerdCloud. Making it possible to allocate inhouse teams to client projects that deliver a much higher value per used working hour.

“A good partnership is based on mutual values as well as complementary services that provide benefits to users. With NerdCloud, we can provide our customers with the added value of task-based software development, and we are happy that NerdCloud is keen to offer our services to their customers as well,” says UpCloud’s Partner Manager Mikko Evinen.

NerdCloud’s flexible model enables a seamless integration into the client’s workflow for full transparency, scaling to multiple developers in a matter of days and employing only senior developers that native technical experts lead in each client project.

In turn, NerdCloud clients will have access to the world’s fastest cloud services and excellent customer service that UpCloud provides. By choosing UpCloud as their cloud service provider NerdCloud clients will have a 24/7 customer service with two-minute response time and 100% SLA time, which is the best price vs. performance on the market.

“We are looking forward to providing our clients fantastic services that UpCloud offers. Our core business is not in DevOps and this partnership gives us not only a product to our service portfolio but the expertise and resources of a European cloud provider that has been recognized twice as the #1 Performance Leader among the top 10 Cloud Hosting Providers in Europe” said Ben Rozell, Chief Commercial Officer at NerdCloud.


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