Blog UpCloud Managed Databases take away the burden of maintenance

UpCloud Managed Databases take away the burden of maintenance


[Helsinki, Finland, 15.6.2021] UpCloud, the European leader in high-performance cloud computing, introduces its Managed Databases.

To enable its users to deploy professional-grade database services without a manual installation, UpCloud has launched Managed Databases. Including MySQL and PostgreSQL services in the first version, Managed Databases is a turn-key solution to database hosting at any scale.

Among the main benefits of the new Managed Databases are easy installation and no maintenance from the user’s side. Therefore, the user’s businesses can save valuable resources that would otherwise be spent on administrators and operators, leading to a lower total cost of ownership.

“Managed Databases will be very beneficial to our users, who can now spend all the time and effort on their core business and developing new services. And based on the market trends, research work and customer interviews we continuously do, it is obvious that managed services will be the key to our growth as well.” says Ilkka Sarpila, Product Owner – Services at UpCloud.

The service is naturally highly available and scalable according to the user’s various needs as the database is run independently from the applications that use it. UpCloud Managed Databases can be used like any other database with common database clients, without any in-house administration work. The service also includes more advanced features like Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR) and several PostgreSQL extensions such as TimescaleDB.

New networking and development tools

Managed Databases are one of several new major releases UpCloud announced for 2021. Among others, the company launched UpCloud Command-Line Interface, a text-based user interface to UpCloud’s Infrastructure-as-a-service, which provides a fast command-line tool for accessing and managing UpCloud resources.

UpCloud is also working on building the required networking infrastructure to allow interconnecting of all UpCloud Cloud Servers across data centres all over the world.

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