FeaturedHow to deploy high-availability web app using Terraform

Terraform is a powerful open-source infrastructure management tool. Make quick work of deploying a high availability web app using Terraform.

Janne Ruostemaa

How to install LAMP stack web server on Ubuntu 20.04

How to install a basic web server LAMP stack using Ubuntu 20.04, Apache2, MariaDB and PHP

Bret Weber

How to get started with Plesk web hosting

Plesk is a commercial web hosting automation software that empowers you to build and manage multiple sites from a single dashboard.

Janne Ruostemaa

How to install WordPress on OpenLiteSpeed

WordPress flies like a skyrocket when installed with the perfect speed-optimised OpenLiteSpeed server stack and secured with free SSL.

Vashishtha Kapoor

How to install Shadowsocks-libev SOCKS5 proxy server

Shadowsocks-libev is a lighter and faster open-source port of the Shadowsocks SOCKS5 proxy ideal to protect privacy on the Internet.

Zachariah George

How to install OpenLiteSpeed fast and secure web server

OpenLiteSpeed is an easy-to-use, open-source web server. It offers unbeatable features and performance to your sites along with top-notch security.

Vashishtha Kapoor

How to install CockroachDB secure database cluster

CockroachDB is a distributed database designed for the cloud to create high-performant and fault-tolerant, low-cost backend for applications.

Jarkko Parviainen

How to deploy Kubernetes Dashboard quickly and easily

Kubernetes dashboard offers a convenient graphical user interface which can be used to create, monitor and manage a cluster

Yuwono Mujahidin

How to install Nextcloud on CentOS 8

Nextcloud is an open-source file sync and sharing software that can be used as a replacement for Google Drive, Yandex Disk and similar cloud-based storage.

Benson Muite

How to get started with BackupPC on Ubuntu

BackupPC is a highly efficient backup system that requires no installations on the hosts to be backed up making it very easy to orchestrate. It's a great way to back up anything at the file level.

Johan Ehnberg

How to manage UpCloud Object Storage via API

UpCloud Object Storage API allows easy management via simple HTTP requests and makes integrating the new cloud storage with any application quick.

Janne Ruostemaa
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