FeaturedHow to set up UpCloud Managed Databases

UpCloud Managed Databases is the turn-key solution to quickly deploying professional-grade databases without a worry about maintenance!

Janne Ruostemaa

How to install and configure Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine with an HTTP web interface and here's how to install Elasticsearch.

Janne Ruostemaa

How to get started with UpCloud Command-Line Interface

UpCloud Command-Line Interface is a text-based, fast and easy, to use command-line tool for accessing and managing your UpCloud resources.

Janne Ruostemaa

How to set up secure access to UpCloud with Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 makes securing the connection to cloud resources extremely easy with simple setup on Cloud Servers and an easy to use client.


How to install DNSCrypt on Cloud Server

DNSCrypt enabled authenticating communications between DNS clients and DNS resolvers which is easy to install on your Cloud Server.

Zachariah George

How to deploy Kubernetes using Kubespray

Kubespray is a composition of Ansible playbooks, inventory, provisioning tools that make quick work of deploying a new Kubernetes cluster.


How to save backups in Object Storage using SnapShooter

SnapShooter helps you back up any Cloud Server at file or application level to your own Object Storage quickly and securely.

Janne Ruostemaa

How to schedule Backups with SnapShooter

SnapShooter offers easy-to-use backup scheduling and management with a centralised dashboard for all of your Cloud Server backups.

Janne Ruostemaa

How to downsize Object Storage instance

Easily downsize Object Storage by simply coping data from a larger Object Storage instance to a smaller one using rclone.

Bret Weber

How to migrate Object Storage data using rclone

Migrate object storage quick and easy by copying all data from one S3 compliant object storage instance to another using Rclone.

Janne Ruostemaa

How to mount Object Storage on Cloud Server using s3fs-fuse

s3fs-fuse allows you to mount Object Storage bucket on a Cloud Server and access the files as if they were stored locally.

Samir Haliru
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