Posted on 26.7.2019

Celebrating the second anniversary of UpCloud Singapore!

Singapore anniversary

UpCloud was founded with the vision to build a service on a global scale. Through the years with great effort, we’ve built UpCloud truly worldwide with data centres in multiple regions. We originally branched out from Finland by expanded into Europe, but soon after set our sights on the US and later, Singapore. Today we have 8 data centres around the world.

Test hosting on UpCloud!

In 2016 we began plans to serve our users more locally by opening regional offices around the world. The plan included new offices in three new cities; London, Singapore, and Seattle. Later in December of the same year, we founded UpCloud Asia. During the first half of 2017, our team visited Singapore multiple times to find a suitable office location and figure out how a newcomer all the way from Finland would attract the best people.

After establishing a foothold in Singapore, we’ve seen amazing growth in the Asia Pacific region. Our success is much thanks to our awesome users and the hard work from our teams across Europe, the US and Singapore.

Brand new office

Singapore has proven a great place to build a business. Although we are still new in the area after only having been here for two years, we are here to stay. As such we plan to continue investing heavily into our business in Asia.

Singapore office

We want to be able to really set our roots in the area. Therefore, we decided to get a permanent location, an office we could truly call our own! Our team in Singapore has done an amazing job with the new office from hunting the space, having it redesigned, renovated and decorated. The new office really holds up to the UpCloud standards!

A big thanks to all our loyal users and everyone who has helped us get started in Singapore!

Anniversary party

UpCloud Asia office was established already 2 years ago in Singapore. To commemorate our second anniversary, we decided to host a party fitting for the occasion!

Following a lot of preparation work, we sent out invitations to join us in celebrating the event at our brand new office on July 10th, 2019. The evening was dedicated to our fast-growing user base in the area, friends and family, all of whom have enabled us to build UpCloud Asia to a glowing success! We also had the honour of having the Ambassador of Finland to Singapore Antti Vänskä visit us for the event.

We began the evening with welcome drinks to help our guests feel at home. Once everyone had settled in, we hear welcoming words from Antti Vilpponen, CEO of UpCloud. He also shared some fascinating insights on UpCloud’s journey in the Asia Pacific Region and what to expect in the coming years.

Singapore happy anniversary

The evening continued with an open bar serving specially crafted drinks and enough food & snacks to make sure no one left feeling hungry. We also got to enjoy awesome music played by great DJ’s lifting the spirit to the roof.

While we had limited space, it was packed full of joy and excitement throughout the whole evening. Many thanks to everyone who joined us in celebrating the occasion!

Happy 2nd anniversary of UpCloud in Singapore!

Going forward

We’ve come a long way in the past two years but are by no means going to get complacent. In the next 12 to 18 months, we plan to triple our team in Singapore as we continue to grow globally.

We want to continue to attract the best people in their areas of expertise by promoting transparent information flow, treating everyone equally, and pursuing a high level of trust. And by equal treatment, we truly mean it! This includes for example, that everyone in UpCloud gets to enjoy the same number of holidays as people in the Nordics, a number that might be seen lavish in other parts of the world.

Being able to empower our team to do the best work of their lives translates to a great experience for our users. This is how we take on competitors far larger than we’d otherwise be able to. We’ve always set about to do things differently, to be better for our users.

Never become yet another!

Janne Ruostemaa


  1. Great! Happy Anniversary.

  2. Kumara Muniasamy

    Congratulation! Wish you all BEST !

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