Posted on 26.5.2015

New Preconfigured Cloud Servers and Lower Pricing in Helsinki

We’ve been hard at work this spring and all the smaller and bigger changes we have announced have been a run-up to the announcements we’re proud to make today. With UpCloud, we set out to give developers and organisations better performance, reliability and control over their cloud servers. With MaxIOPS, we have excelled in performance metrics. With our automated and N+1 redundant stack, we have given customers unprecedented reliability, something we can back up with a 100% SLA. We have also aimed to build our control panel in such a way that it is easy, intuitive and gets the job done on all aspects relating to your infrastructure.

Based on numerous discussions with a vast variety of customers with different backgrounds, we have understood that customers want us to offer more competitive pricing with regards to smaller cloud server configurations. Linode and DigitalOcean have been cited numerous times as offering the price level customers want.

Preconfigured cloud servers

We’re proud to announce that today, we are launching preconfigured cloud servers that match or exceed the resources provided by the aforementioned companies and most importantly – at the prices customers have learned to value. In short, we are launching four preconfigured server instances that customers can choose at deployment to get even better value for their money. Furthermore, these instances can be topped off with a free choice of storage (MaxIOPS or HDD, where available) and again, you only pay for what you use.

UpCloud’s preconfigured cloud servers
$10 / month*$20 / month*$40 / month*$80 / month*
1 GB of memory2 GB of memory4 GB of memory8 GB of memory
1 CPU core2 CPU cores4 CPU cores6 CPU cores
30 GB of MaxIOPS50 GB of MaxIOPS100 GB of MaxIOPS200 GB of MaxIOPS
2 TB of transfer3 TB of transfer4 TB of transfer8 TB of transfer

*prices valid in Chicago and London, prices in Helsinki 1.5x.

The maximum price customers will ever pay for these servers are either $10, $20, $40 or $80 a month, when they keep their outbound traffic below the amount included. Please also note that preconfigured server instances are charged hourly even though they are turned off. Once the servers are deployed, customers can then add firewalls, backups and more disk space as needed – for an additional charge as listed in our pricing page. Also, if you reach the limits of the resources configured in your server, you can easily switch it to a server with a custom configuration or then upgrade to the next level of pre-configured cloud servers.

We have wanted to give our customers the best of both worlds – the prices of pre-configured cloud servers and if a time comes to scale things up – you can do so, just as you have been able to do before.

New lower pricing in Helsinki

Our goal with respect to the Helsinki data centre has been to offer the most competitively priced cloud servers in Finland. We want to take leaps and bounds to exceed this goal and offer even more competitively priced resources in Helsinki, in addition to the preconfigured cloud servers.

We’re happy to announce that we have lowered the prices of CPU and memory resources dramatically. CPU pricing has been lowered some 15% and memory is now almost 33% lower. These new prices are valid immediately and automatically applied to all customers utilising these resources in Helsinki.

The new pricing is available on our pricing page. 1 CPU core is currently priced at $8,93 (7,95€) and 1 GB of memory goes for $9,79 (8,71€). Both prices valid for a period of 30 days, calculated from the new hourly pricing.

New deployment process

We have also revamped our deployment process of servers to better serve our customers with regards to the new products. We also hope this is more straightforward, intuitive and effective process when deploying your servers.

We couldn’t be happier with all the hard work we have accomplished leading up to the announcements made today. We sincerely hope you will also enjoy all the new products and pricing.
Photo: Another Bosque Sunrise by John Fowler

Antti Vilpponen

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